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Young Hinkle Windjammer Furniture

Posted By Carole, 7/11/2006

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I am looking for the desk that goes with the Windjammer Furniture. It was the bedroom furniture that was used in the ET Movie. Any ideas on where to look?


From Pam, 10/31/2009  3:25 PM

We have the Windjammer loft bed with built in 3 drawer dresser and cabinet, as well as the twin size bed that goes underneath ... we're in SE Michigan and looking to sell these pieces ... can provide pictures if interested.


From Don C, 10/31/2009  10:28 AM

I have my set on craigslist chicago south with pics. If your interested make an offer.

From Patti, 10/6/2009  7:13 PM

I am looking for pieces to this set . If anyone has some I will travel to get it.... ty.... E-mail me(patti) at dp138a@yahoo.com and put furniture in subject line please..... thank you all

From kathy, 9/30/2009  1:58 PM

I have the Windjammer storage loft bed which includes the built-in dresser of 3 drawers and cabinet, as well as the island bed (full-size), desk with lighted hutch and chair. I also have the necessary mattress supports, (thin box supports that go with this set instead of box springs). All are in excellent condition. I am in the Chicago area. Please email bigm1483@aol.com

From Jen, 9/27/2009  3:11 PM

We are looking for the 6 drawer (3 on each side) dresser. We are in the Chicago suburbs. Anyone have this? We are willing to drive to surrounding states if necessary. Please email jeneifel@gmail.com. Thanks!

From Connie, 9/26/2009  7:37 PM

I have the Windhammer Desk, Hutch and matching chair. When we moved into a home big enough for both boys to have their own room, we split the set and both the extra desk set. So I have two. My sons are married now and the one son took the complete set leaving me with an extra desk, hutch and chair. I am moving and ready to sell. It is in pristine condition. If you e-mail me I can send you pictures. Am selling for best offer. Connie westfestbooths@comcast.net

From Chase, 9/17/2009  4:57 PM

I have the dresser with door, nightstand and desk if anyone is interested. I am located in Ft. Worth, Texas. My email is chaseadjuster@yahoo.com

From Chuck, 9/15/2009  10:22 AM

I am looking for Windjammer full size bed. Anybody have this? Please email me at chuck@modsafe.com.

Thank you.

From Erin, 9/5/2009  12:49 PM

I forgot to add that I am in the Philadelphia area.

From Erin, 9/5/2009  12:23 PM

I have the Young Hinkle Windjammer desk that I am looking to sell. It's in great condition. Please feel free to email me for more information: ErinMShell@gmail.com

From Laura Jordan, 9/2/2009  6:12 PM

I have the Windjammer Desk for sale - Atlanta area. email if interested. sgj1065@bellsouth.net

From gsherbert, 8/19/2009  1:35 PM

I am interested in 56inch dresser and 45inch dresser with hutch. send pictures

From rita, 8/16/2009  10:36 PM

I have the complete windjammer bedroom set and am interested in selling it. 56 inch dresser, 45 inch dresser with hutch, desk with hutch, headboard and nightstand. is anyone interested? chicago, Il area.

rita krlb@aol.com

From Barbara, 8/15/2009  2:45 AM

I have bunk bed with side rails and ladder, desk with bookcase hutch and dresser. They're in great condition. Asking $600 for all or BO. I live in NJ.
email: yazz100@hotmail.com

From Sandy, 8/9/2009  10:14 PM

I forgot to add my email. sandy_dicianno@yahoo.com.near
Pittsburgh, Pa

From Sandy, 8/9/2009  10:10 PM

I have the bunkbeds and two dressers. One tall,and a wide one with mirror. I am asking $650.00, if interested email me. I live about 60 miles north of Pittsburgh, Pa.

From Laura Jordan, 8/3/2009  2:37 PM

Young Hinkle Windjammer - I NEED the captians chest (the one with the little square door) and the desk chair (I already have the desk). Anything within a few hours of Atlanta I can pick up, or if you are willing to ship. I will consider looking at other pieces you have as well. Please email me SGJ1065@bellsouth.net. Thanks.

From Ken Richardson, 7/26/2009  3:04 PM

Does anyone have a Windjammer nightstand in good condition? Need it to complete my set.

From Sandy, 7/19/2009  9:02 PM

I have the bunk beds and two dressers to match. One dresser has a mirror above. Asking $750.00. Very good condition. We replaced bunkie boards with plywood. We live in Pa. 60 miles north of Pittsburgh. Email me if interested.

From Mark Battaglia, 7/17/2009  10:48 PM

I also have the bunk beds with side rails and latter.

From Mark Battaglia, 7/17/2009  10:46 PM

I have the desk and chair along with the dresser to complete your set. They are in great shape except for one corner of the chair.

From Brenda Knaack, 7/8/2009  11:22 PM

Our email is knaack222@gmail.com

From Brenda Knaack, 7/8/2009  11:20 PM

We have a collection of the Windjammer furniture to sell. We gave away one of the beds for bunk set several years ago, but still have the one bed with head and foot boards and siderails. Also have the sea chest, door chest, 3-drawer chest with hutch, desk with lighted hutch and chair, and night stand.   All pieces are in excellent condition except the nightstand has an area of discoloration on the top. I'm not sure what to ask for it. We live in northern lower MI. Email if interested.

From Marcia, 6/25/2009  9:24 AM

I am looking for a Young Hinkle windjammer nightstand. Please email me if you have one for sale. My email is MarciaBLoveless@gmail.com

From Marcia, 6/25/2009  9:22 AM

I am looking for a Young Hinkle windjammer nightstand. Please email me if you have one for sale.

From Shawn Long, 6/16/2009  8:02 AM

Joe, Looking for the set. My e-mail is smlong@cox.net. Where do you live? I'm in VA.

From Patti, 6/14/2009  6:22 AM

My son has a couple of these pieces. We are looking for the windjammer set.
I would like the full/twin bunkbeds. I would also like the desk/bookshelf piece.
My phone number is 615 478 4640. We live in TN.

From Joe, 5/2/2009  9:13 PM

I have the complete set for sal. Please advise me of your email address and i will send you pictures for you to review. best, j

From Mike Schmidt, 4/28/2009  3:55 PM

We have the bunkbeds, ladder, desk with hutchtop/study light and dresser. We live in central Ohio and have it priced at $299 firm for set. Call 614-899-1948. It is in great shape...no mattresses or bunky boards.

From Shawn, 3/11/2009  10:57 PM

Jill or MArc-Do you have these piecesstill available?
I'm interested. PLease e-mail me at smlong@cox.net if these are still available. Also, will need your location. Thank you

From kim, 3/10/2009  3:32 PM

hi, where are you located? I am interested in any pieces you have left. pls respond soon

From kim, 2/28/2009  9:06 PM

I am looking for any piece of the windjammer collection. I just bought the bunk in twin/full. I do want the other pieces if at all possible. We are military in Ny now. West Point. pLs help me. Kim

From Eric, 2/26/2009  11:12 AM

I am interested in purchasing the bunk beds for this set. I have the other pieces from my childhood and would like to use the set for my two boys. If anyone has these to sale please e-mail me at eric.brown@juno.com. I will consider purchasing other pieces.

From Marc, 2/11/2009  2:02 PM

For the previous post, please send me an e-mail at mdsarazin@comcast.net if you are interested in purchasing my set. I would only sell the headboard separate, but not the other pieces.

From Marc, 2/11/2009  2:00 PM

I will consider selling my wind-jammer set which includes the following:

(1) Twin Headboard
(2) Tall Chest of Drawers (3 large drawers, 2 small, 1 cabinet - right facing)
(3) Night Stand (two drawers)

Some of the drawer slides need replacing, but I can fix that before selling. I would recommend replacing with metal on metal slides. I am willing to negotiate a fair deal. Thank you.

From Lesley, 2/7/2009  8:14 PM

Jill: do you have a picture of the tall dress and side table You can email me at chinadoll94@hotmail.com

From jill Kovach, 1/26/2009  3:33 PM

I have the tall dresser and 1 side table if anyone is interested in buying them.

From Marc, 1/26/2009  2:19 PM

Sorry...I mis-typed my e-mail address in my other post. Again, I'm looking for the windjammer bunk-beds. If you have them and are interested in selling, please e-mail me at farky_14@yahoo.com Thank you.

From Marc, 1/26/2009  1:51 PM

I am looking the windjammer bunk-bed(s), which will complete my current set. I live in the mid-west. Please e-mail me at farky14@yahoo.com Thanks

From Beth Fisher, 1/19/2009  4:56 PM

Need full or queen size headboard for the windjammer set if anyone can part with it. Thanks

From SHawn Long, 1/9/2009  2:47 PM

Jay form PA would you please e-mail me. I'm interested in your Windjammer pieces. Thank you

From Rose, 12/31/2008  8:20 PM

Is anyone selling their bookcase/hutches?   For any size piece, even nightstands.   Please email me.

From Chinadoll94, 12/17/2008  2:41 PM

Looking for additional pieces of Young Hinkle Winddjammer such as the chest of drawers and night tables. Email chinadoll94@hotmail.com

From Pat, 12/10/2008  8:39 PM

I have the Young Hinkle Windjammer bunk beds ready for sale--includes ladder, safety bars, bunkie boards. Can use as twins or as bunk set. My son enjoyed them for many years and they are in great condition. I also have mattresses and box springs if interested. Contact me at bossler@verizon.net if interested.

From Sharon Houston, 11/29/2008  3:18 AM

We have the complete set of this furniture--we still love it after many years of use, and it hardly shows any use. It is excellent quality furniture and easily "grows with" the child. We would probably never sell it, but I'll be glad to email a picture of any of the pieces if that will help anyone.    Jan Brookshire had asked.

From lesley, 11/20/2008  2:38 PM

Looking for some additonal pieces to the Young Hinkle Windjammer set for my grandson. We live in the Washington D.C/Northern Virginia area. Email chinadoll94@hotmail.com if you have any pieces you are looking to sell. thanks.

From Mary, 11/17/2008  10:19 AM

I am looking for the bunkbeds to the Young Hinkle Windjammer set. I live in the central US.

From Brenda McCall, 10/26/2008  4:03 AM

I am looking to buy one or two nightstands in the Windjammer line. I am in Texas. Please reply to: bjbmjl@aol.com. I have been looking for these pieces for years!

From Kim N,, 10/25/2008  9:23 PM

I am looking for the double panel headboard for this set. I live in N. Carolina. Please email Kimnova@gmail.com.

From Leslie, 10/18/2008  11:52 AM

I have the complete collection of the Windjammer set from E.t., I am looking for the 2 drawer side table. I that considered a nightstand? Please reply if you might know shere I can find it.

Thanks, Leslie

From Mark, 8/15/2008  7:05 AM

To: Barbara from Kentucky or Sandy from Pittsburgh Do you still have bunk beds for sale? E-mail me please cooperm@dencomfg.com

From Mark, 8/15/2008  7:01 AM

To: Barbara from Kentucky or Sandy from Pittsburgh; Do you still have bunk beds for sale? E-mail me please

From CLAUDETTE GLADDEN, 8/3/2008  7:22 AM

I am looking for a double bed headboard to the windjammer furniuite. I have the entire set and it is in great condition except the trundle bed has been broken and repaired. I wanted to pass the bedroom suite to my grandson as it belonged to his dad. Does anyone have one in good condition? It can be a twin or double.
Claudette Gladden in Chattanooga Tennessee.

From Mark, 7/17/2008  11:08 PM

Regarding the windjammer furniture in Texas, you can get us at mmglanz@suddenlink.net.

From Mark, 7/17/2008  11:01 PM

My wife and I are looking for Windjammer pieces in Texas. Specifically the bunk beds. If anyone has something, let me know.

From JAY SALORINO, 7/13/2008  7:21 PM

I have a Young-Hinkle Desk (194-532), 2 Drawer Chests (194-413) 2 Hutches (194-543) and Bridge with hanging lamp (194-712). Price is $250 for all and condition is excellent. Pictures are available - email with questions. I am in North Western PA.

From Dave, 7/7/2008  6:50 AM

I have a bunk set that has a tall dresser (5 drawers) and book case, all oak dark brown (no pictures). The bunk is one piece head and foot boards but the lower bed can be made separate as an "L" shape. Central CT area.
Asking $350.00, all in very good shape.
Thanks, Dave

From sherry, 6/1/2008  10:46 PM

I have a young hinkle solid wood hutch/desk and am wondering if anyone is interested in it    and what the going price is   it has the name and initials on the wood drawer

From Paulette, 5/19/2008  1:38 PM

Hi, I'm looking to sell my son's old windjammer bunk bed set, the one from E.T. I have the matching desk with hutch and chair, double dresser(3 drawers 1 closet) with mirror, door bachelor chest with hutch top, The bunk bed configuration we have is the Admiral's SuperBunk. I live in eastern PA, near Reading. The set is in good condition. Selling for $650. If interested email me at pflurer@gmail.com.

From Rose, 5/12/2008  11:41 AM

Edward Thompson---I would like to buy the hutch.
I'll be in N. Virginia in a couple of weeks.
Please email me.   Thank you.   Rose Fremer

From Rose, 5/8/2008  3:17 PM

I would like to buy hutch/bookcase tops for the single chest, double chest, or nightstand.    rosefremer@yahoo.com.&nbs p;    Chicago/Michigan or North. VA area.   Thanks for your reply.

From Dave, 5/6/2008  10:23 AM

I have a bunk set that has a tall dresser (5 drawers) and book case, all oak dark brown (no pictures yet). The bunk is one piece head and foot boards but the lower bed can be made separate as an "L" shape. Central CT area.

Thanks, Dave

From dee, 5/4/2008  5:48 PM

I am looking to buy Young-Hinkle Windjammer set. I am based in New York and would be interested if anyone's selling the bunk bed set with desk or with the set of drawers.


From SAndy, 4/20/2008  12:52 PM

I have a set of bunk beds for sale. I live near Pittsburgh Pa.

From Barbara, 4/6/2008  9:05 PM

I have the twin bunk bed set. I live in the
Louisville, Ky area. If interested, let me know

From Barbara, 4/6/2008  9:01 PM

I have the twin bunk bed set. I live in the
louisville, Kentucky area. If anyone is intersted,
please e-mail me.

From Lynna, 3/29/2008  11:20 AM

I am looking for bunk beds from the Windjammer collection. I could use other pieces as well but need the beds for my 2 little boys. I live in Wisconsin and can drive to the Chicago area too. thanks!

From Marie, 1/22/2008  8:30 PM

Please tell me the prices for your Windjammer furniture?
Will you sell individual pieces?


From Marie, 1/22/2008  8:29 PM


What are you selling your Windjammer set for? Can you give me individual prices?


From Susan, 1/14/2008  4:20 PM

Trying to add to my collection of Young-Hinkle Windjammer furniture. Located in Baltimore. Email me if you have any pieces to offer: jshlavin@aol.com

From Sandy, 12/29/2007  8:40 PM

Wanting to buy double bed to match the Windjammer bedroom set. Email me... I live in PA near Pittsburgh.

From Cody, 12/22/2007  9:51 AM

Young-Hinkle Windjammer bedroom set for sale. Includes bunk bet set, tall dresser, short dresser, bookshelf, & desk and chair. MINT CONDITION. Indianapolis area. **** INFO ADDED> E-mail Address: readds79131@mypacks.net ****

From Cody, 12/22/2007  9:48 AM

Young-Hinkle Windjammer bedroom set for sale. Includes bunk bet set, tall dresser, short dresser, bookshelf, & desk and chair. MINT CONDITION. Indianapolis area.

From Donnie, 12/14/2007  6:21 PM

Young Hinkle Windjammer furniture for sale.
collection includes: bunk beds with ladder and rails, writing desk, 2 book shelves, entertainment hutch with wooden wine holders, captains tall dresser with door on top right, and a 3 drawer chest. All pieces are in exceptional conditions. Furniture located on Padre Island, Corpus Christi. call Donnie 361-949-8141 ext 140

From Stephanie, 10/30/2007  7:33 AM

I have the Young Hinkle Windjammer furniture (2 twin beds that bunk, rail, ladder, desk, hutch, 3 drawer chest, and large dresser). I am debating between selling the set or restoring it. Can folks tell me where they got drawer pulls for this set? Also, if you restored yours, how did it turn out? If you sold it how much did you sell them for? I live in the Boston, MA area and would welcome any help on this. My email is westfordus@hotmail.com

From Arnie, 10/27/2007  8:36 PM

I am interested in buying the Windjammer bed only, trundle or double or twin in good condition from someone in 2 to 3 hours driving distance of Washington DC metro area. Please reply with details and asking price at aashikari@hotmail.com. Thanks

From Jan Brookshire, 10/24/2007  1:35 AM

Does anyone with the Windjammer bunk beds have pictures of them? Does anyone still have them set up and could email me a picture? Mine is in storage and I don't have a picture of it.

From Jan, 10/12/2007  5:29 PM

I have the Windjammer set from ET. I have the following pieces: the bunk beds with ladder and side rails, the dresser with lighted book shelf, the tall dresser with door and drawers and the bedside chest. It is in excellent condition. I live in Seattle, WA and no longer have space for it. This was the most wonderful furniture I've ever owned. It grew with the kids...they loved it, but as they got older, it never seemed childish. And it got daily use and doesn't even show that it was ever used! I was thinking of $1200.00 for all. Does that seem about right? Do you know of anyone who would like to buy it? I have pictures available.

From Preston, 9/11/2007  10:31 AM

I would like to purchase a set of Windjammer that is in good condition- within a reasonable drive of South Carolina- Ideally I would like trundle bed, desk with hutch, and a couple of chests with hutches at a minimum. Please email at jprestonscott@yahoo.com

From Kathy, 9/8/2007  2:57 PM

Sorry I put my phone number. My email is JaclynAshley@wowway.com

From Kathy, 9/8/2007  2:56 PM

I have the Young-Hinkle Windjammer set from E.T. I have:
Desk with double hutch and chair
Two single chest of drawers with matching hutches
Triple Dresser with mirror
Trundle Bed
Entertainment Center

Everything is in excellent condition. I live in the suburbs of chicago in illinois. If anyone is interested please email me at 847-310-9711

From Monica, 6/27/2007  4:32 PM

I too have a set of this furniture and I was thinking about selling it, but I am not sure what a good price is?
Did anyone get an answer on this? I have the bunk beds, dresser, desk with book shelf, and the toy chest.

From Heather, 6/19/2007  8:24 PM

I have a friend who is willing to sell me two complete sets of this furniture, and I don't know if it is a good price or not I wondered if anyone can help it includes:
2 twin beds that bunk
2 sea chests
2 desks with hutches and chairs
2 dressers one four drawer and one six drawer with mirror
she wants $1200.00 is that a good deal?
thank you

From Leslie Mueller, 5/31/2007  6:13 PM

This is a little off topic but I hope someone can help ... I was given the loft bed by a family friend but they couldn't locate the hardware. Does anyone have access to it and could tell me what type, size bolts to use??? I would really appreciate your help. Thanks so much.

From Misty, 5/21/2007  3:51 PM

Looking for pieces to Young-Hinkle Windjammer set. Anyone selling? The bed is of main interest, prefer twin or bunk. Feel free to email pic and price to mistysampley@hotmail.com.

From Valerie, 5/19/2007  10:09 PM

I have the Windjammer bedroom set. We replaced the pulls on the chest and the dresser. We have 9 of the original pulls in good condition for sale. If interested call 920-743-7109

From Crystal, 2/27/2007  6:36 PM

Anyone selling the Windjammer bunkbeds just email me direct please. crysmay@aol.com

From Crystal, 2/27/2007  6:34 PM

Anyone selling a Windjammer Bunkbed set? I live in Georgia, could drive to surrounding states for the item.

From Ron Stratman, 2/12/2007  9:52 PM

I am also interested in selling a couple pieces of Windjammer Young & Hinkle pieces. I have two dressers (one tall and one wide), a mirror, desk, and chair. No idea what it is worth. It is good wood and hard to find good bedroom furniture now days. I am located in North Carolina.

From Edward Thompson, 2/4/2007  2:57 PM

Re: Young Hinkle Windjammer:

We have the following in excellent condition -- had saved as we thought our sons might want for their children (wrong!).

We have the following that we are preparing to sell:
1. two desks with hutches
2. two small chests with hutches
3. bunk bed set with mattresses and box springs (excellent condition -- were always covered) non-smoking home.
4. one headboard for single bed
5. one chest of drawers

Please let us know if you are interested. Northern Virginia area.

From Charles, 1/31/2007  5:35 PM

I have a full Young-Hinkle Windjammer set for sale. It includes two beds used either as singles or bunks (includes railings and ladder), a desk and chair, nightstand, full dresser, and the smaller dresser with a hutch on top. As you know, these were part of their oak collection, have brass handles/fixtures, and were made in the USA. Email me if interested (clm@cinci.rr.com) and I can send some pics...or call 513-871-0726. I will only sell as a full set. I am moving and would prefer to sell rather than transport. Everything is in great condition! Thanks.

From L. Velella, 1/24/2007  9:04 PM

My son has seven pieces of the Windjammer Set which we are in good condition and we are about ready to sell.
The pieces are:

Double headboard
Desk hutch
Wall mirror
Single Dresser (drawer slides broken but fixable)

Pictures available. Located in NJ 908-751-1574

From M Giardina, 1/8/2007  12:11 PM

I hate to ask for free info, but we have the Windjammer "E.T." set. Bunks, Dresser , desk w/hutch, chair, matresses .
We have friends that want to buy it , but haven't seen a whole set, in very good condition trade .
Has anyone had any luck in price discovery ? Or indeed has anyone bought or sold the set ?
We'd really appreciate any info you might have .

From Chris, 8/31/2006  4:45 PM

I have several pieces of the Young Hinkle - Windjammer set. The pieces of plastic that are attached to the drawer slides have broken on several of the drawer backs. Does anyone know where I can get new plastic pieces to replace the broken ones? I've looked at Home Depot and Lowe's - neither had what I am looking for. Thanks

From Jennifer Weaver, 8/25/2006  10:54 PM

Seeking and selling. We are looking for the trundle bed or bunk beds to go with this set. We have several of the other pieces as well as the full size headboard. My sons room is just too small for a full size bed. We are in the Austin area but willing to travel. Thanks!

From Carole, 8/11/2006  6:29 PM

Andrew, my son is moving to Lilburn and would love to talk to you about the desk especially. Could you call him if I email you his telephone #? my email address is cbgibson@shaw.ca

From Ken Holet, 8/7/2006  7:50 PM

We are looking for a double or queen size headboard or bed for this set, as well as nightstands. We currently have the other pieces. Is anyone willing to part with these???


Ken Holet
Earlysville, VA

From Kathy, 8/4/2006  1:34 AM

I have a twin bed, I am looking for a desk or desk w/hutch or dresser to go with this Young-Hinkle Windjammer collection. But I live in S.E. Michigan anyone have these pieces and live in northern Ohio or Michigan?

From Andrew Kincaid, 7/21/2006  7:30 PM

I live in Marietta, GA and I currently have 10 items from the Young Hinkle Windjammer line:

1. Headboard and metal frame
2. Computer desk with shelf
3. Regular desk
4. Corner desk
5. Large hutch (on corner desk)
6. Four-drawer dresser
7. Three-drawer dresser
8. Two-drawer side table
9. Narrow hutch (on three-drawer dresser)
10. Mirror
11. Chair

Since this was my furniture from my childhood (yes, I still have it and I'm now 32 years old :), some of the pieces have obvious signs of wear. The computer desk has a few stains and places where the finish was rubbed off.   The chair has come undone at the bottom but could probably be fixed. Also, most of the drawer slides are broken. I would say anyone willing to put a little time into could get the few worn pieces back in shape.

I too would like to know what a good selling price would be. I asked my parents what they paid for the entire set and am waiting to hear from them.


From Melanie Hinkle, 7/17/2006  11:45 AM

I have the 5 piece bedroom set you are inquiring about. I would like to sell it but I have no idea what to set the price at. Do you have any suggesions.
Thanks Melanie Hinkle

From Melanie Hinkle, 7/17/2006  11:44 AM

I have the entire 5 piece bedroom set. I want to sell the set but have no idea what to set the price at. Can you give me any suggestions?
Thanks, Melanie Hinkle

From Carole Gibson, 7/17/2006  12:52 AM

I would be interested. My son is looking for this to go with the bedroom set he had as a teen. They are in Georgia. If you provide me with the information or even a picture that would be wonderful. I will forward the information to him.

From J. ALDRIDGE, 7/15/2006  5:43 PM

I believe I have a desk like the one you are interested in.

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