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Posted By Alex, 1/16/2003

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Hi Russ, I came across your info on the internet and wondered if you could tell me anything as far as values go for furniture by Basic-Witz out of Virginia. I have come across a very nice Danish modern table and chairs, but I don't know values. Thanks in advance for your help.


From Guest, 7/27/2011  2:53 PM

i would like to know the value of this table is?

From Guest, 6/30/2011  2:42 PM

I have a basic-witz by Mohasco piece of furniture. I belive it my be a tall dresser peice its has realy nice big hard ware on it and alot of detail double doors and one pull out draw on the bottom its all soild wood. On the in side of the the door there is cubies and one pull out draw as well inside the draw is where I found the stamp that read Basic-Witz by Mohasco. I was just wounder if there is any thing you could tell me about the peice and what the value might be
Thank you.

From lynette, 6/9/2011  1:43 PM

I have a china buffet from my mother and getting ready to sell it on craglist for $150. Too bad-the lines of the furniture are very "retro." i have been in the furniture industry for 35 years (now retired) and never knew anything about them. Actually the look and size, design of the furniture with pewter hand holds is quite nice. All materials appear to be solids with good solid finish in a matte gloss. so much more quality than our current Chinese, Vietnames, Malaysian versions of product. LT high point, Nc

From mike nelson, 5/28/2011  12:05 PM

I have a an older Basic - Witz dining room set. It was a blond wood then stained dark Mahogny.
What is the worth and how to sell?

From Sandy, 5/26/2011  10:41 PM

I am about to purchase an antique full size headboard.
It is very elegant looking and has a stamp on the back that's round and it looks like it could say Basic-Witz.
The lady I'm getting oit from has painted the front & sides with Ralph Lauren dark silver. Does anyone have more info on this company? Would love to share the photos of this with anyone who's interested. Would also love to see your pieces.

From chuck haley, 5/2/2011  3:11 PM

Have full bedroom set,has Jl witz stamp #135,in-layed
wood with protruding designs,looks like mahogany/walnut
type finish.Has 3 piece mirror cut design,has (deleted)burgh plate $ glass 1932.Don't know value but want to sell.i

From sandra moynihan, 4/22/2011  11:00 AM

hello,I have a dining room two piece china cabnet.I would like some information about the company and I am trying to figure out what kid of value it has it was made by basic-witz.I have no idea when and do not no where to look for a serial number.could you help me out.it has two sliding glass dores for the top with three shelves and a draw with a coubord under it..the second piece to it has a draw and coubord aswell.they are a light blond color with green cloth inside the draws..if you could give me some direction as of findin a possble web page that would be helpfulle.thank you.

From Jack Woods, 4/6/2011  10:58 AM

Just rescued a chest and dresser from storage; looking to restore and use as appropriate. the Basic-witz cloth tag in one of the drawers led to my curiosity about manufacturer. Items are well made, mahogany finish on solid wood or very nice veneer, dovetailed drawers, etc Items were extremely dirty, years of grime and smoke deposits, but is cleaning up nicely.
Some nicks and scratches, but only touch up may be required. Pulls appear to be solid brass, but clean up will confirm. Impressed with the quaity, not to be found in todays furniture.   When work progresses, I'll post pictures for comments.

From Curt Allie, 3/6/2011  1:59 PM

I recently came across a pristine Basic-Witz Furniture Industries Inc.full size bedroom set with a p-- bed #5030, a 5 drawer chest #5025, and a 6 drawer dresser #5002 which includes a framed mirro #5012. It still had original paper in bottem of drawers and a company paper in the bottem showing all the products that year. It looks to be from the 40's or 50's? It states that it is the Basicanna collection that had a total of 68 correlated pieces. It only says the company was established in 1889, and has no year but looks to be pre-50's? If anybody has any info on these pieces, please write back. Thanks

From krissy, 11/13/2010  11:57 AM

In terms of value, it is only ever worth whatever someone else is willing to pay. That being said, certain more intricate pieces will fetch a higher price. For example, 2 very nice end tables were recently purchased online for 80$ (for the pair!).This is clearly not a high end brand, albeit, very nice and well-made. Most of this manufacturer's work will retail for 500$ or less.

From carolyn foust, 8/28/2010  2:35 PM

i came across a maple buffet an i was wondering if u could tell me something about it says basic line stamped in it

From Roxanne Hemmelgarn, 7/28/2010  7:46 PM

My grandmothers table with 2 leaves, which she had in 1955, has a paper tag on it from the J.L.Witz Furniture Corp, Staunton VA and is walnut in color and is veneer
because the veneer is chipped.

From Tracy MArriner, 7/8/2010  1:06 AM

I just picked up a dresser at a thrift store from this company, and am trying to figure out if it is covered in veneer or solid wood. Does anyone know if Basic Witz used veneer on the dressers?

From Melissa, 6/27/2010  9:05 PM

I have come across a Basic-Witz triple china cabinet. It is actually a really beautiful piece. I just wanted some info on it. It's in excellent condition. Recessed glass, china slots, Silverware drawer, and 5 cabinets. If anyone ever comes across any info, please get in touch. Thanks, Melissa

From Tally, 4/7/2010  10:51 AM

I too have a question ...I have what I believe is called a Buffet? On the back is block lettered stamped, I think, " J.L. Witz Furniture   No.260 N.B. H?????" and on the top opposite side the numbers "350". I could not make out the letters after the H.
Is this considered a "Basic Witz" ?

From Tim, 2/13/2010  3:00 PM


I have just purchased a beautiful mint condition Basic Witz china cabinet, triple, mahogany and would like to know if anyone might know what it is worth. It is large and gorgeous. Any help greatly appreciated.

From jerry, 12/20/2009  5:04 PM

any information on a bedroom/dresser set in good condition would be great

From joette, 12/20/2009  4:59 PM

we have a mahogany bed and dresser set and were wondering how much it may be worth? it is in very good shape.

From teresa milam, 11/2/2009  10:54 PM

I have a full size bedroom suite with chest and dresser. The nightstands hook on the side of the bed, which the bed has a bookstand across it. The number is 845-867-0 on the chest and 847-867-3.0 on the dresser. It is marked Basic-Witz Furniture Industries, Inc. Please respond if you know anyone that knows anything about this furniture.

From Wanda Baird, 10/26/2009  10:48 AM

Inherited table & wood chairs excellent condition,,,1941 was purchased,,,metal top on table w/design,,original paint on chairs & table white
Table has a pull out drawer in front,,,maybe for silverware,,,don't know much about furniture from 1941
also pieces of bedroom set,,vanity and chest of drawers, excellent conditon,,,bookcase head board

From Rita Herms, 10/20/2009  1:53 PM

I'm looking for information re: Basic-Witz furniture. I inherited a Basic Witz dinning room set. Blond wood Buffet, Hutch with glass panels on top half and table with 4 chairs. The set is in excellent condition. I'm assuming these are from the 1950's. I would like to sell these items and not sure what to price them at. Please reply via e-mail. Thank You

From Linda Natale, 10/17/2009  3:24 PM

I have Basic-Witz bedroom set. Can anyone give me an idea of how much this is worth?

From BeaMarie Hale, 9/23/2009  1:33 PM

trying to get a better idea as well, what I should ask or where I should list dining set, one leaf, 4 chairs 2 captains, hutch glass top, wood drawers

any help would be so appriciated Jackson, NJ 08527

From Rita, 8/16/2009  4:10 PM

I'm looking for information re: Basic-Witz furniture. I inherited a Basic Witz dinning room set. Blond wood Buffet, Hutch with glass panels on top half and table with 4 chairs. The set is in excellent condition. I'm assuming these are from the 1950's. I would like to sell these items and not sure what to price them at. Please reply via e-mail. Thank You

From Betty Feir, 8/1/2009  11:22 PM

My brother just gave me a complete set of bedroom Basic Witz furniture, and in the drawer is a large brochure telling all about the company. This bedroom suite is the Anniversay Concerto 75 made in celebration of the company's 75th anniversary. They commissioned a symphonic work in honor of this anniversary collection of furniture by the composer Robert Evett, and he entitled his work ANNIVERSARY CONCERTO 75. The company said the beauty of the music will live on in the home with the furniture in celbrates in a recording by the National Symphony Orchestra of Washington under the baton of Dr. Howard Mitchell who did the premiere. This collection was designed by Sanford Wallack and theiy said his designs are noted for their subtle mood of understated elegance. All structural components of this furniture are of genuine hardwood, and accents of rich myrtle burl are used on doors and drawers. This is and was serious furniture from what looks like a very fine company. I don't know what has happened to the company, but I am thrilled to have it, and am so glad my brother gave it to me. He bought in new back in the 60's.
If I can help anyone with this, let me know..I would hold on to it, if you own it, and try to get more information from Waynesboro, Va.

From Lorna Kirby, 7/9/2009  10:35 AM

I have Basic-Witz bedroom set, marble top table and dining room set in the "Bonwitz" collection. It is Butternut, Pecan and solid Elm for a Swedish Spice finish. I was only able to purchase 4 dining room chairs and would like to have more. Anyone have these? I live in Wisconsin.

From Jenn, 6/3/2009  5:18 PM

I recently purchased a very cool Basic Witz dresser set and I am desperately searching for a twin bed to compliment it. Anyone have something they are willing to sell within relatively close distance to Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC and/or Asheville, NC, please reply via email. Thanks very much!

From Roger, 5/17/2009  10:38 PM

Can anyone estimate current value of 4 piece bedroom set? Basic-Witz Furniture, Inc. Triple dresser with 9 drawers, 6 drawer chest of drawers, landscape mirror and double bed. Excellent condition, bot in 1958 by my family near Gaithersburg, MD. Appearance is "Domain" style. Please reply. Thanks. Roger

From Steve, 4/9/2009  1:58 PM

Similar to Jacob's post, I have a dining room set as well. It is the "ebonized Mahogany" finish(circa 1950), Danish-modern style set. I have:

Table with 3 leaves
6 chairs (2 Captains)
Buffet, 3 drawers and 2 curved doors, with
        full-length mirror.
Table has u-shaped,curved,base legs with vertical spindles.

Has anyone sold thier pieces, or acquired any additional info on thier basic worth? Has anyone seen the "ebonized Mahogany" style finish?
Any info would be appreciated...Thanks to all.

From Jack, 4/8/2009  9:52 PM

Depending on the Peices and condition most bedroom sets are going for around 3 to 3.5K so there is smoe value to it if you find the right buyer!

Good luck!

From Jacob in Texas, 3/17/2009  9:02 PM

I have a complete (at least I think it is complete) Basic-Witz "Danish-modern" dining set that was made in the late 40's or early 50's.
5 regular chairs
1 head/captain chair
table with 2 leaves
pads for table and leaves
buffet, 3 drawers and 2 cabinet doors
china cabinet/hutch, 2 glass doors above one drawer and 2 cabinet doors

I would like to sell the set ... don't know the value, but would like for it to stay together.... any offers?? jacob@happybeachbum.com

From Rob in Illionios, 3/14/2009  3:58 PM

we have a Basic-Witz bedroom set consisting of 2 twin headboards,long dresser and mirror, and chest of drawers and a vanity and bench in a whitish finish with blue accents. I would guess about 50 years old. anything special I should know before selling?

From bonnie, 11/30/2008  1:09 AM

I have Basic Witz dining room table and hutch...still love it and I have owned it since 1966. I wonder what it is worth. My grandson managed to remove the handle from the hutch and I am still looking for it. Not exactly a handle...like a tassel (metal). Does anyone have it?

From Amy, 11/16/2008  2:33 PM

I'm also looking for information on this company. I have a pair of high backed side chairs that are covered with green velvet. Very unique.

From Penny, 11/11/2008  2:04 PM

**I can not believe this company has been around since 1889 and we can not find more information about the furniture. I just aquired 2 pieces of furniture(Dresser & Chester drawers) very antique looking but in great condition. They are and old light green color with an aquagreen top drawers but has the BASIC-WITZ Industries,Inco. since 1889 sticker on the inside of the top drawer. If anyone knows anything about the year it was actually made I would love a mail @Pennys27@msn.com. Not interested in selling I would just like to know more about the age.

From Gloria, 10/20/2008  4:43 PM

I found and odd china cabinet,display case in the trash made by basic witz. any idea on the value of this iyem.

From Ron, 7/2/2008  9:13 PM

7-08 We stumbled across an 8 pc Basic-Witz dining set, table, 4 chairs, leaf, buffet and oddly sized china unit more like a display case, all of Mahogony I believe. These pieces are priced at $800 for the set at a flea market. These are handsome, interesting and unique pieces in good condition.    

From Diane, 5/12/2008  8:42 AM

I have the same question. How much is Basic Witz furniture worth? I have a modern style dresser, desk, and handsome chair. I plan to sell these pieces.

From jon fair, 4/5/2008  11:22 AM

I also have a bedroom set inherited from my great grand ma made by this company was thinking of re finishing it to a more modern color but wanted to check for a value before

From Anita Bartell, 3/26/2008  4:45 PM

I have a bedroom set from Basic Witz purchased over 50 years ago when I was first married. One of the handles from a drawer has broken in half. Can anyone tell me where I can possibly find a matching handle to this furniture. I have a full size bed, armoir, triple dresser and two end tables. I would also love to know what it is worth in todays market. And also a triple size mirror

From rauman, 3/11/2008  9:51 AM

I have beautiful furniture what has been manufactured in U.S.A., Waynesboro. It is manufactured by Basic Witz.
I know that company is founded 1889.

Backside of a senk is following text: 789-602-8403
                                                     SER.NO .           ;           ;           ;         AB011 34

I wonder when the senk has been made and what is value of it.
If you know something about the senk, please let me know.

From Jodi, 3/14/2007  1:50 PM


did you have any luck researching values for Basic-Witz furniture? I have a dining room set i want to sell but have no clue what to ask for it...it's a table, 6 chairs, buffet and china cabinet.

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 5/25/2004  10:02 PM

  That's the interesting thing about used furniture. Since there isn't a vigorous and established market for it, there aren't any established prices. It is hard to sell and difficult to transport. This fact generally puts the negotiating power in the hands of the buyer. If you've looked at similar new sets, you have an idea what they would cost. My guess of the value would be 20-25% of retail. but that is only a guess. Basic Witz is long gone. According to a 1941 issue of FURNITURE WORLD, "Basic-Witz Furniture Industries, Inc., Waynesboro, VA, manufacturers of bedroom and dining room furniture, have been in existence for 50 years, having started in a small way back in 1889. Their present plants located at Waynesboro and Staunton, VA are among the most modern furniture factories. The company manufactures a popular line of of modern and 18th Century bedroom and dining room furniture, desks and secretaries. Boyd Stombock, the president and treasurer, has been associated with the company since 1908. Paul Hays, vice president and sales manager has been with the company since 1923. Charles A. Holt, secretary, came into the organization in 1936,"  

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