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Refinish Whitewash "This end up" furniture

Posted By Karodowsky, 5/5/2006

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I have a whitewash "this end up" furniture set. Double dresser, chest, nightstand, and trunk. The problem is I bought the pieces within a 5 year period of time and some of the pieces look almost pink compared to the white ones because of time/sun exposure. I would like all the pieces to be just plain white...what is the best way to do this? Do I need to strip the finish off-even though I just want to finish them white--and they pretty much are white-ish to begin with? Any advice would be great. Thanks!


From Peter Schlosser, 5/8/2006  8:24 PM

Nope--just wipe the "pink" pieces with a white wash stain that you can get from Minwax. After a day of drying, spray with a coat of lacquer or sanding sealer, they're virtually identical. You can get all of this from Home Depot. Avoid a brushable finish since it might brush the white wash off the surface.

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