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Thomasville Bedroom 1970’s yellow bamboo

Posted By Jeanne Kennedy, 3/30/2006

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I have a friend who is looking for bedroom furniture in this style. (Thomasville, pale yellow with bamboo like trim) Does anyone happen to know the name of this collection? She is looking for a tripple dresser and a lingerie chest. Thank you wyldtxflwr@adelphia.net


From Jeanne Kennedy, 7/28/2011  8:12 PM

I have one Thomasville 4 drawer chest/dresser in pale yellow bamboo design. This was sold as Children's furniture but could easily be used in any room, as I have done since my kid is now an adult. This dates back to the late 1970's or possibly early 1980's as I acquired it from someone else in 1986. This piece is still in great condition with only a few minor scratches but they are not noticed because of the style of the finish. I would like to sell this piece for around $75 obo. I live in the Los Angeles area and can not ship this.


From Jeanne Kennedy, 7/20/2011  11:10 AM

I live in NY and have 4 pieces of the 1966 Thomasville yellow faux bamboo bedroom set that I am looking to sell: desk, bookcase, single 3 drawer dresser and double dresser with 6 drawers. All in very good to excellent condition with the original hardware. Anyone interested can email me at marcia@zerowastegroup.com for photos. Thanks.

From Jeanne Kennedy, 7/7/2011  9:26 PM

....Still looking for the thomasville ivory faux bamboo Allegro full or queen bed/headboard and twin canopy bed. Please email me at laurelmcf@aol.com,
Thanks! Laurel McF

From Jeanne Kennedy, 7/3/2011  4:51 PM

I have (2) pieces of the Yellow/White Faux Bamboo furniture

(1) Henry Link 5 drawer up right dresser
(1) 6 or 7 drawer Lingerie Chest - I can't find the Henry Link on this one but it does say Thomasville.

Please let me know if you are interested in either piece I live in Cumming GA just outside of Atlanta and can meat locally or in near surrounding areas of Atlanta if that makes it easier

Thanks in advance

678 896 1522

From Monica, 5/26/2011  8:56 AM

I have a whole house full of furniture in the Hollywood Regency Faux Bamboo style. Some of these pieces are in the Thomasville Bali Hai pattern. Included in this set is the king size headboard, double dresser & mirror, low chest of drawers, 2 bedside/end tables, china cabinet, diningroom table & 6 chairs (2 are arm chairs), Couch, Chair, 2 end tables and coffee table. These pieces are all in great condition with only a (deleted)y piece of veneer gone on one of the double dresser drawers. This is an outstanding set. We are located in St. Augustine, Florida between Jacksonville and Daytona. If you have interest in these items, please call me at (904) 315-0680 for more information.

From Kate Byrne, 3/30/2011  9:39 PM

I have the desk and matching chair in the yellow bamboo "Far East" that I would like to sell. I live in Missouri. Please contact me if you are interested.

From Alice A, 2/12/2011  10:10 AM

Still looking for Bali Hai yellow corner desk, chair and nightstand. Live in Alex.,VA. East coast area preferable. White would also work. Is there a dressing table made?

From carol, 2/2/2011  7:20 PM

Has anyone got the chest of drawers in the Bali Hai.?? I own the double dresser, mirror, headboard,desk and double bookcase that fits atop desk or dresser. All line up perfectly but my ganddaughter needs a chest of drawers or I need to get her new bedroom furniture . Would consider selling. Thanks Carol mimisluv2@yahoo.com

From Danielle, 1/28/2011  10:46 PM

Sue, I was wondering if your set is still available, and how much you are selling it for. Thanks! Danielle

From Anne, 1/24/2011  2:42 AM

Would be interested in looking at your pieces Annie B.

From April, 1/23/2011  10:36 PM

Sue--is your set still available? I live in Philly and have been looking everywhere for these items--primarily the desk but may be interested in some of the other pieces as well. Of course, if anypne else has any available in the NJ/PA area I would love to hear from you, my email is adphilly84@gmail.com.


From Annie B, 1/22/2011  9:06 AM

Thomasville Far East yellow faux bamboo bedroom set: I have 1 large three drawer dresser, 2 three door lingerie chests", two bookcases that fit the dresser or chests, a mirror ( re-painted white) , and a desk ( refinished natural bamboo. All in very good to excellent condition for sale cheap in Houston Texas.

From Leah, 1/10/2011  12:23 PM

I have the Thomasville yellow faux bamboo china cabinet in great condition if someone is interested. I'm in TX. You can email me at mysteriablack@gmail.com

From robin, 1/9/2011  1:38 PM

to sam in cumming-i live in atlanta and am interested in your pieces if you still have them. please contact me at harrison429@comcast.net

From sue, 12/18/2010  4:29 PM

i have a desk,chair,bookcase,dresser,night table and mirror. looking to sell. live near philly

From Sam Carrington, 12/13/2010  4:36 PM

I have a Thomasville Faux Bamboo Lingerie chest that is the yellow/white color scheme

I also have in the same style the upright dresser with 5-6 drawers

Both for sale and/or make offer. Reply for pictures and I am located in Cumming, Georgia 30341

Many Thanks

From Danielle, 11/16/2010  9:14 PM

Does anyone know where to find replacement drawer pulls for this set?

From Deb, 11/11/2010  7:13 PM

For Sale: Thomasville yellow faux bamboo bedroom desk, chair, and hutch. Hutch needs minor repairs. From 1970's; I am the original owner.   Troy, MI, contact me at bucko418@hotmail.com

From Ashley, 10/22/2010  10:13 AM

Hi, I am looking for a faux bamboo china cabinet and a desk with or without a chair. Color does not matter. I am in Virginia. Please email me if you have one for seale. Thanks!

From Danielle, 10/12/2010  9:44 AM

I'm looking for Henry Link Bali Hai faux bamboo dresser and nightstand. please email me, if you are in the NY/PA/MI or Ontario Canada area. I'm in Toronto! t joseph.heins@sympatico.ca

From Helen, 9/18/2010  7:22 PM

I have a set of Sought After Henry Link Faux Bamboo - Hollywood Regency Chippendale Bedroom Furniture - Yellow and white. email me if you are interested in looking at pictures   helenrm1010@gmail.com

From napier, 9/13/2010  3:09 PM

I have the light yellow bamboo style dinning room set a table with leaf china cab. 4 side chairs 1 arm chair totle of 5 chairs im asking750 for the set im in il just out of chicago   if interested call 708-344-1984

From kristin Gentry, 9/2/2010  11:12 AM

Ok! I think I may have made an error in trying to reply to someone's request! LOl oops! I have the long chest of drawers with his and her mirrors, a tall lingerie Chest, and two night stands at my Non-profit thrift store.. It is a cream colored set with yellow bamboo trim?! It is in nice condition! Feel free to email me with questions and I can email pictures back! Fair priced! encorethriftstore@yahoo.com

From KrsitinGentry, 9/2/2010  11:02 AM

Hi! I am a manager of ENCORE THRIFT STORE in central Illinois. We support services for adults with disabilities and all items receive are donated to our store. We received the set you were looking for in 2006... or so I believe it is the set. :) I was wondering if you were still looking for it, 4 years later! :) I entered a google search to get information on the set and your post popped up! Feel free email me back ! Thanks!

From Juliet, 8/29/2010  9:52 PM

I am looking for the Lexington Henry Link yellow wicker 2 drawer night stand and the full sized headboard. Also need one knob for the nightstand I already have. Any other pieces would be good to buy too. I am in Orange County CA but the furniture is needed in my San Diego place. Anyone in SD got any of this yellow wicker Lexington furniture?

From Danielle, 8/22/2010  7:01 PM

I'm looking for a queen size headboard, the dresser & mirror, the lingerie chest, and 2 night stands. I would love to hear from anyone in the NJ, PA, NY area that has them or has seen them anywhere. Thanks!

From Susan LaCombe, 8/16/2010  2:43 PM

I have a Henry Link bedroom set which I believe is from 1979 or 1980. It is in perfect condition. How do I found out the worth of the set?

From Pat, 8/14/2010  9:47 PM

I'm looking for a nightstand in the Bali Hai (yellow) finish. One drawer or two--doesn't matter. I'd prefer in good condition with original hardware. Thanks.

From Sandee, 8/8/2010  11:03 AM

I am looking for a 6 drawer dresser in the Far East or Bali Hai design. I live in Princeton, Mn. Would like to find one close. Thanks

From Danielle, 7/9/2010  4:30 PM

Zoe & Deb, are you any where near NJ? I'm still looking for a queen size headboard, the dresser & mirror, the lingerie chest, and 2 night stands. I would love to hear from anyone in the NJ, PA, NY area that has them. Thanks!

From Deb, 7/6/2010  8:23 PM

I have the following for sale. 1970's Thomasville Yellow bamboo trim: Queen headboard, desk, hutch, and desk chair. Anyone know how I should price it? They are in good shape but the hutch needs some minor repairs. Thanks.

From zoe, 7/6/2010  9:31 AM

I have a set of nite stands and a ingerie tall chest from "HENRY LINK" BALI Hai collection its the palish yellow color.. its still the original color and the handles is original its the faux bamboo style im moving and need to sell em. they need a good cleaning ive had for now 8yrs but besides that they r in ok condition...i do have pictures

From Danielle, 7/5/2010  7:09 PM

Hi, I am looking for dressers, mirrors, dining chairs or tables in the bamboo design. If anyone has any of these pieces in NJ/PA/NY area, I would love to hear from you. It doesn't matter what collection they are from. Thanks!

From Carolyn, 6/27/2010  2:46 PM

The collection is "Bali Hai". I bought a double dresser, headboard and cheval mirror when it came out in the early '70. I sold the headboard and mirror at garage sales years ago, unfortunately. I still have the dresser, painted to match the Formica top in the back of my closet holding linens and am wishing I'd held on to the other pieces.

From karen, 5/19/2010  2:08 PM

I live in Ohio and I am looking for Thomasville or any faux bamboo white bedroom or living room sets or pieces! I am especially interested in bamboo mirrors. Thanks!!!   

From MCT, 5/2/2010  6:26 PM

Rebecca from Western Washington - I think I may have what you are looking for. Please email me at emseetee@gmail.com and I will email you photos. (Or anyone else that is interested.)

White Thomasville 'Bali-Hai' Bamboo look, Antique White with green accents.
1 corner desk
1 desk chair
1 three drawer dresser
1 six drawer dresser
1 book case with bottom drawer
1 twin headboard
1 mirror

From Alice, 4/16/2010  1:57 AM

P.s. I would also be interested in corner desk. Plz contact me at ahlericha@aol.com

From Alice, 4/16/2010  1:49 AM

I am looking for Henry Link Bali Hai yellow nightstand and/or chair. I would also consider white. Thank you. Alice

From Roger, 4/15/2010  9:58 AM

Candy contact me at rogerd80@hotmail.com. I can send pictures of the headboard and night stand. I also have other bed room furniture pieces.


From candy, 4/13/2010  9:45 PM

I am also looking for the queen head board and 2 nite stands. would be interested in other pieces as well. please contact me. thanks

From roger, 3/24/2010  12:33 AM

Still Available: REDUCED

Faux Bamboo Bed Room Set

I have the Thomasville Far East Collection bedroom set. I would like to sell it as a set so I am giving priority to anyone who would purchase it together. It appears some pieces have been repainted but structurally everything is great. I live in Jackson NJ exit 7A NJ Turnpike and exit 98 GSP. If you are interested and need more information I will email you my phone number and we can proceed further. I will send pictures if you email me.


* one 4 drawer desk $100.00
* one chair for desk $25.00
* one headboard has opening for two sizes $25.00
* one 7 drawer bureau and mirror $200.00
* one single drawer nightstand $50.00

From ktatrice, 3/11/2010  10:21 PM

I am looking for a dresser and nightstand from the discontinued maison lenoir collection by broyhill

From Toni, 3/6/2010  2:49 PM

I live in the Sarasota/Bradenton, FL area and am looking to purchase a desk and chair from the "Henry Link Bali Hai" Collection in the Ivory color only. I am also interested in the hutch top. I will pay $250. for the 3 matching pieces or $200. for the desk & chair.
I have a nine drawer dresser (no mirror)that I would even-trade for 3 the pieces.

From Rebecca, 2/18/2010  1:36 AM

I am looking for furniture to coordinate with a faux bamboo crib for my baby's nursery. Perfect finish not essential! Please email with pictures and prices of ANY pieces you have, but especially nightstands, armoires, dressers, etc. I live in western Washington, so would prefer relatively local sellers (i.e. from the Seattle - Portland areas.) Thank you!

From Deanna Bloomer, 2/13/2010  10:11 PM

I would like to buy the corner desk and chair! Please let me know if anyone has one! Thanks~ Deanna    bloomer8@msn.com

From Belinda, 2/1/2010  11:59 AM

I would like to purchase a green cheval (floor) mirror & a Full/Queen headboard made by Henry Link Bali Hai collection. I had the bedroom set as a kid in 1970's but do not have these 2 pieces now. Can anyone help? e-mail me at ruthdes@aol.com St. Charles, Illinois

From MCT, 1/3/2010  1:13 PM

I have a bedroom set to sell, in great condition, and have pictures that I can send to anyone who is interested. Just email me at emseetee@gmail.com. Portland, Oregon.

White Thomasville Bamboo look with green accents.
1 corner desk
1 desk chair
1 three drawer dresser
1 six drawer dresser
1 book case with bottom drawer
1 twin headboard
1 mirror
Perfect for young girl's bedroom.

From Laurel McFarland, 1/1/2010  3:29 PM

I am looking for Thomasville faux bamboo furniture in the WHITE finish-- a full or queen-size bed, and a twin canopy bed, a bedside table. Please email me at laurelmcf@aol.com
Thanks very much! Laurel

From Beth, 12/24/2009  11:45 AM

Seeking Thomasville Chippendale Faux Bamboo dresser. Long, low ladies dresser - I believe there are 5-drawer and 7-drawer versions in two lengths. Interested in acquiring either. Important -- The dresser must have the original Chippendale detailing (small brackets) that run from the front legs to the skirt.

Prefer seller willing to ship to CA -- Please provide a price including shipping and handling to 92116. Otherwise, let me know current location of dresser, so we can assess shipping options. Thanks.

From Roger, 10/10/2009  2:32 PM

I have the furniture at my home now. I would like to sell it as a set so I am giving priority to anyone who would purchase it together. It appears some pieces have been repainted but structurally everything is great. I live in Jackson NJ exit 7A NJ Turnpike and exit 98 GSP. If you are still interested and need more information I will email you my phone number and we can proceed further. I will try to email all those who asked for pictures. All sales are first come first served. Back of furniture is stamped 1966. They don't make furniture like this anymore. Pieces are very heavy.


I have:

    * one 4 drawer desk $175.00
    * one chair for desk $50.00
    * one headboard has openings for two sizes $50.00
    * one 7 drawer bureau and mirror $275.00
    * one single drawer nightstand $75.00

From Jennifer, 10/6/2009  2:52 PM

I posted above that I have the twin canopy bed and a 5 drawer dresser that I want to sell. I'm in New Jersey and can be reached at cc @ djeemail. com if anyone is interested in them.

From Susann, 9/26/2009  1:42 PM

I'm still looking for the Thomasville Far East Dresser and 1 nightstand. Does anybody have a picture of this set? If anybody has this please email me at cfsusanna@aol.com

From Allen, 9/22/2009  3:02 PM

I have this pale yellow and white Bamboo set in Louisiana, from D.H. Holmes out of New Orleans, 2 single bed foot/headboard, desk, mirror, vanity, hutch,dresser. very good condition, looks to be vintage and collectable, please email me if interested, @ abdj@cox.net

From allendurpe, 9/22/2009  2:46 PM

is there a picture of this please and whats the price for this thomasville yellow bamboo set and what is included please ?

From Tracy Bates, 9/12/2009  8:31 PM

I'm looking for a thomasville far east collection dining chair with arms - I only need one - anyone have one they would like to sell/ship? Thanks! Please email at tracybates@bellsouth.net

From Jennifer, 9/12/2009  11:15 AM

I have a twin canopy bed and matching 5 drawer dresser that I want to sell.

From Carrie, 8/25/2009  5:38 PM

I am looking for a desk and chair. Please email me @ carriemeghie@yahoo.com. Thanks.

From Carrie, 8/25/2009  5:37 PM

I am looking for a desk and chair. Anyone?

From Lynn Lakota, 8/8/2009  2:06 PM

My email is hefalo@aol.com

From Lynn Lakota, 8/7/2009  9:38 PM

I'm looking for a nightstand that goes with the thomasville set.

From Kati Newton, 8/4/2009  12:18 PM

I have a dining table with 6 chairs and the matching china cabinet. It is pale yellow with bamboo trim in great condition. Do not know who made it or from what year but would love to show pics if anyone is interested in seeing for purchase.

From roger, 7/19/2009  9:08 PM

I have the Thomasville Far East Collection. Good condition, some wear from use but otherwise in solid condition. The usual Thomasville quality, dovetail joints great finish and very heavy solid wood. I would like to sell 7 drawer dresser w/mirror, 1 drawer nightstand, 3 drawer desk w/chair and headboard for full/queen bed. rogerd80@hotmail.com. Roger Jackson NJ 08527 Ocean County

From susie, 5/5/2009  11:36 PM

I have a twin size canopy bed, dresser with mirror and a hutch in the pale yellow bamboo. I am trying to find the value before I sell it.

From Kristin, 4/8/2009  2:57 PM

I am looking for the desk/vanity for this collection. If anyone is interested in selling, my email is kroekismet@hotmail.com

From Kelly Ottinger, 3/9/2009  12:52 AM

I am looking for a console table in this design. I think most of the designs have drawers and may have come in a co__l color. My email address is kellyottinger@gmail.com.

From Nadine, 3/4/2009  12:02 PM

I have a complete bedroom set in mint condition with the following pieces:
1 - night stand
1 - high backed chair
1 - corner 5 level bookshelf which also sits atop a corner desk
1 - long chest of drawers (6 drawers)
1 - low 3 chest of drawers
1 - large nightstand framed mirror
2 - twin beds
Please email me at qq_ljw@yahoo.com if interested.

From Kristen, 2/18/2009  8:41 PM

My email is shelterpetsrule@yahoo.com

From Kristen, 2/18/2009  8:39 PM

I am looking for furniture of this type. If anyone can be of any help I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

From aking, 2/8/2009  8:14 PM

I am looking for dresser, sideboard in the faux bamboo set/any color...also bookshelf/hutch. Please let me know if anyone has one.
Thanks wordcandy@mac.com

From crystal, 5/2/2008  10:39 PM

I have the two piece three drawer bottom Thomasville faux bamboo pale yellow with top that is the hutch style cabinet. it has the drawer pulls that look like the bamboo,acually the bottom piece is on ebay right now as a mans type dresser. I can send you pics if interested just contact me at crystalgloyd@aol.com

From Courtney Reagan, 4/30/2008  2:56 PM

If anyone has any pieces from either of the collections that they would like to sell...I would be very interested. Please email me at courtneymarie21@yahoo.com. Thanks :)

From Monica, 4/7/2008  9:04 PM

I have a queen size bedroom set with seven pieces from Henry Link Bali Hai. Headboard, 2-drawer nightstand, 6-drawer dresser that is 3 drawers high, another 6-drawer dresser with a cabinet and 3 additional smaller drawers in the center (lingerie?), separate wall mirror for above dresser, smaller 1 drawer nightstand, and floor cabinet with two doors and 1 drawer inside at top. Does anyone know roughly what this is worth?

From Jan, 3/27/2008  5:30 PM

The furniture is called "Bali Hai" and was made by Henry Link. It came in green and yellow. I received the whole set when I was a kid and still have several pieces.

I need a student desk chair in green. Please let me know if anyone has one for sell!



From Toby Clark, 3/8/2008  9:26 PM

Are you close to NY state?

From Tracey, 2/23/2008  8:34 PM

I have a bedroom set. Pale yellow with white, in the described bamboo style. I have a 5 drawer chest, vanity dresser with mirror and headboard. These have the Thomasville patten from the year 1966.

From MK, 10/16/2007  11:47 PM

I'm looking for a faux bamboo style desk for my daughters room and this sounds like it would fit the bill, is there one available? Contact me at mary.ruck@cox.net if so. Thanks.

From Monique, 9/21/2007  4:25 PM

I have found that there at least two manufacturers that made this type of furniture and the pieces look very similar. One line is made by Henry Link, and is called Bali Hai. The other is made by Thomasville, and I believe it's called Far East. I am interested in finding a desk made by either company. I can be contacted at birdpodz@yahoo.com.

From lori, 3/27/2007  12:02 AM

I am interested in the desk (pale yellow w/bamboo trim). Recently went for $75 on Craigs List. Anyone have pictures to confirm the style?

From Heather, 2/10/2007  7:57 PM

I am looking for the Dining Room collection.Is the name of the pale, yellow, bamboo line called Far East? Does anybody know what the pieces would go for?
You can email me at aveez22@yahoo.com

From sue, 10/13/2006  12:24 AM

I also have this bedroom set and would like to sell. Did anyone ever find out the name of the collection or its value? My set includes:
full/queen headboard
night table with drawer and shelf below
3 drawer dresser

From tim Lalumia, 6/16/2006  8:19 AM

Hi Jeanne, Susan, Shannon and Gary (and others interrested),
I have a large set Yellow Bamboo. Vintage. Mint/ perfect condition...
1 Desk and...
1 bench
2 single beds (each have, head board and half canopy)
1 armoire
1 bookcase (5 shelves) which sits atop ...
1 cabinet (two doors, shelves inside) This piece lines up perfectly with the desk (above)
1 tall 5 drawer dresser/Burough.
Want Pics? Want to talk about it? I have not yet found out what it's worth, but will if anybody is interrested. I guess it's worth something at least for excellent condition and large number of matching pieces.

From Jeanne Kennedy, 6/5/2006  10:26 AM

Hi Shannon. I saw the whole set about a year ago in a used furniture store and they had a price of $100. on the lingerie cabinet, and it was in perfect condition. My friend who is looking for the lingerie is interested in your piece. Would you email me at wyldtxflwr@adelphia.net and tell me where you are located and the condition of your cabinet? She lives in Texas, and would have to arrange for shipping. Thanks, Jeanne

From Shannon, 5/28/2006  3:16 PM

I was given a pale yellow, bamboo like lingerie cabinet with seven drawers several years ago. Does anyone know the value of this? Thanks, Shannon

From Shannon, 5/28/2006  3:14 PM

I was given a thomasville lingerie cabinet several years ago. It is pale yellow with bamboo trim. Does anyone know the value of this?

From Jeanne Kennedy, 5/18/2006  8:55 AM

I would love to send you the picture, but I need your email address. My address is wyldtxflwr@adelphia.net. Thanks for replying... Jeanne

From Gary Bogumit, 5/17/2006  11:10 PM

I was given a bedroom set in a mobile home that I purchased and i think it is thomasville because of the stamp on the back of it. Any way I am not sure if it is the same style that you are describing but it sounds the same only mine is dated 1966 and is white. I don't have a picture yet but was wondering if you could send me the picture of the headboard to see if I have this stlye. I have a dresser with an attached mirror a smaller 3 drawer end table and what i think is a night-stand with one drawer and a shelf below plus headboard for a twin or full sized bed.

From Jeanne Kennedy, 5/1/2006  9:18 AM

I havn't received any replys, other than yours. My friend has the king headboard, 2 bedside tables, and the armour. She is looking for the lingerie chest, and the triple dresser. I saw a whole set last year in a used furniture store, but wasn't aware she wanted the pieces.Would you happen to know what the name of the collection is? I think it is called Far East, but I'm not sure. I have a picture of the headboard that I can send you. My address is wyldtxflwr@adelphia.net.

From Susann, 4/30/2006  9:34 PM

I think I'm looking for the same thing. I need the chest or Armor. Did you get any reply's on this.

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