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Seeking Drexel Furniture Pieces

Posted By Glenda, 3/14/2006

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Looking for pieces of Drexel Heritage American Themes to match the 2 lighted corner curios that I bought just recently on ebay. I'm sure there must be a bookcase or entertainment center that goes with them. If anyone can help,please let me know. There are numbers on the backs of the pieces. The finish is a light distressed also yellow color.     


From lg7128, 1/31/2013  11:43 PM

I have two end tables of Drexel Heritage Woodbriar to sell; I just put them up on Ebay search: $ 180.00

Drexel Heritage Woodbriar Collection Geometric Pattern Glass Top Tables (2)

From pstry8, 9/27/2011  1:12 AM


We have a Dexel-Heritage et cetera line Chinnoissiere.



From wfrable, 9/23/2011  12:29 AM

[#105076]: Do you still have this.  Mine lost in hurricance Irene.  Please reply with photo and price


From wfrable, 9/23/2011  12:27 AM

[#102333]: Do you still have the mens chest of drawers Triune by Drexel.  Mine was lost in hurricane Irene.  Please reply with photo and price.

Thanks, WJF

From Glenda, 8/16/2011  12:23 PM

I have the 401-400-1 esperanto by drexel. Good condition. Some of the handles have become unscrewed, but I have them all sitting in the drawers ready to be screwed in.

From Glenda, 8/12/2011  12:48 AM

I have for sale a Drexel Passage #995-967-2 entertainment center, good condition. Located in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.

From Glenda, 8/3/2011  11:24 PM

sorry, my email didnt show up.   its sunshine61457@gmx.com

From Glenda, 8/3/2011  11:21 PM

my friend has a couple of drexel dining room furniture. shes not sure how old the pieces are. she wants to sell the pieces. i have pics of the pieces on my cell phone.

From Glenda, 7/19/2011  11:08 AM

am interested in Touraine full bed. thanks.

From Glenda, 7/12/2011  10:41 AM

I have several pieces to this collection that I need to get rid of.I have the hutch,the china cabinet,and an entire bedroom suit.All pieces are stamped Touraine 111 by Drexel,with the yellowish finish

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