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Posted By Guest, 3/5/2003

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I am trying to Find info on Hibriten Furniture. Please advise


From jsmi7, 5/7/2015  7:15 PM

send picture to jsmi7@comcast.net so I can see what you have.

From vallenz, 5/7/2015  5:30 PM

Just bought a Hibriten chair from an auction and was wondering if someone could help me with an appraisal. Wanting to sell. Is there a way to post pictures on this forum?

From munroj, 5/27/2013  5:17 PM

I have a Hibriten Tribute dining room set and am downsizing and moving from west coast to east for family.  Here are the items that  I have for sale -
1. Credenza and deck = this is the glass doored, lighted mirror back credenza and hutch (model625-626 and 625-120)
2.Credenza = this is the solid door credenza (model625-110)
3. Trestle table and base  = (model 625-231 and 625-232)
4. One leaf (can't find model)
5. Six Rattan backed arm chairs. (model 625-524)
Good condition except the inside lower shelves of the credenzas are marred and a couple of marks on the table.

From jsmi7, 5/9/2013  5:29 PM

Looking for Bernhardt Hibriten Tribute furniture. Reply to jsmi7@comcast.net

From Jelane Honeysuckle, 12/23/2012  12:00 AM

I would like to buy 2 side cane back side chairs from the Hibriten Tribute Collection to go with my dining room suite I purchased years ago.  Please call 817-446-4578.

From Jelane Honeysuckle, 12/23/2012  12:00 AM

I would like to buy 2 side cane back side chairs from the Hibriten Tribute Collection to go with my dining room suite I purchased years ago.  Please call 817-446-4578.

From joe, 3/7/2012  2:32 PM

I purchased a used, in good condition, Bernhardt Hibriten dining room suite about 6 years ago in the Boston area. I paid $1,000 for the set which included 2-piece lighted china cabinet, buffet server, large pedestal table with two 18" leaves, 4 regular and 2 cane-backed captain's chairs. We reupholstered the chairs. Now i'm looking to down-size my life and resell the dining room suite, among other things.

From Guest, 7/27/2011  4:40 PM

previous email reply from lucinda should reply from barbara-to lucinda or anyone that may have high back Hibriten chairs-french provincial -any finish-seems that Broyhill made a similar version a little larger size also okay- please email info@anthonystownhouse.com--or call 617-566-3972

From Guest, 7/27/2011  3:59 PM

hi lucinda responding to your email as of march 15 2011-not able to contact you at that time   hopefully with new posting info you will receive this email very interested in the two high back arm chairs   do you still have the chairs ?   would it be possible to email photos i will pay for all shipping etc   or maybe you know of anyone else that may have the chairs   i believe they are exactly the chairs i am looking for       thank you so much barbara my email is info@anthonystownhouse.com     &nbs p;         &nbs p;         &nbs p;         &nbs p;         &nbs p;         &nbs p;         &nbs p;         &nbs p; 

From Guest, 6/25/2011  9:36 PM

I have a Hibriten LaCourrone collection Kingsize bedroom set including headboard, 2 nightstands and a dresser in the brushed white with green trim color for sale for $600 if anyone is interested.



From Barb, 4/20/2011  9:32 PM

I want to sell my Bernhardt by Hibriten dining room suite that I bought new in 1979 in South Bend, IN. Nothing is broken and all hardware is original. The trestle table top and server top could use refinishing. The trestle table is rectangle with two 18 inch leaves. The buffet server open to reveal a slate top for hot dishes.   Server has a large silverware drawer and two doors with storage space underneath. The china cabinet is two pieces and is lighted, with three shelves of display area. It has two silverware drawers and four doors with storage space underneath. The six suede upholstered chairs with large antique brass tacks consist of two arm and four straightback. My exact same china cabinet and trestle table are up for sale on Ebay right now, although the chairs depicted are different from mine. The price is $1100, and they do not have a buffet server on wheels like I do. If interested, let me know, and thanks for reading!

From Lucinda Simms, 3/15/2011  1:05 PM

I have a beautiful sofa and two chairs that are Hibriten. They are the French Provencial style, white with gold carved wood trim. The sofa is 6'8" long with green belgium made velvet with button tufting on the back. The arm chairs are high back with flo__l/stripe patterned Belgium made velvet ( rose/green). They are approximately 40 years old and purchased in North Carolina. The chairs have minimal wear and some fading, but are in extremely good and solid condition and the couch is in excellent condition with very little use over the years. If interested please contact me at lucindasimms49@yahoo.com

From Laura Robbins Johnston, 3/7/2011  1:15 PM

There were two companies--Hibriten Furniture C0. and Hibriten Chair Co. in Lenoir, N.C. Hibriten Furniture was founded in the 1920's by my great-uncle and Hibriten Chair was founded a few years later by my grandfather. There were three presidents of the company-
Robey C. Robbins--my grandfather
Orrin R. Robbins--my uncle
George C. Robbins--my father
My uncle died in 1970 and my father became president at that time. HFC had become part of Bernhardt Furniture in the late 50s or early 60s. HCC joined them in 1972.
Hibriten Chair Co. was known for its extremely high quality of solid mahogany french reproductions and other styles of furniture. All visible wood was either mahogany or walnut.

From JLR, 2/1/2011  11:42 PM

To the individual who initiated this post: The Robbins Family of Lenoir, NC, Owned Hibriten Furniture, until Orrin Robbins Senior's death. When the family then sold to Bernhardt. Hibriten made high quality furniture. They are responsible for the very first reproductions of any kind in America. Fun Fact: The furniture on the set of Green Acre's was designed by Hibriten.

From Linda Robertson, 1/22/2011  11:35 AM

I am wondering if anyone still has a large 2 pc. Hibriten China Cabinet 68" wide with convex glass on sides, with closed botton cabinet with silver drawer. It has four lights at top with three glass shelves and two additional lights in each curved botton section on each side.   I am wondering the value of it. It is in very good shape. Has anyone sold their china cabinet? It might be hard to sell because of the large size, but wondered what price others have sold for. Linda

From Jim or Karen, 12/20/2010  11:46 PM

I have the following Hibriten furniture; china cabinet with 4 doors, and large dinnette table with 5 chairs. I also have the following Barker Bros furniture; dressor with mirror, 2 night stands, and a 2 door chester drawer. The furniture is over 30 years old. In great condition. Looking for new home. Asking $2500/obo for the Hibriten furniture. Asking $1500/obo for the Barker Bros furniture. For more information please contact me via email.

From Jack, 12/8/2010  3:47 PM

How are you doing with trying to sell your china at the consignment store? I'm sorry I couldn't reply sooner because I lost this site and didn;t know how to contact you directly. I'm still looking for the right set that will match my dining room set. Please respond with pcis.

From Marilyn, 10/18/2010  11:57 PM

To Elizabeth

Can you send me a picture of your bedroom set?

From Mel Anderson, 10/17/2010  8:45 PM

I have a Large 2 piece Hibriten(Bernhardt, inc) Wall unit. It is over 30 years old. It is in great condition. My wife just past away & I'm trying to downsize. Anyone that can appraise it for me will be greatly appreciated.Send me your E-Mail address and I will send pictures. It's a beautiful piece & takes up a lot of wall space.
Thank you, Mel Anderson

From martin, 10/17/2010  5:54 PM

Please help me price a large oak china cabinet, large table, two captain and four regular chairs and a buffet on wheels.

From CarolAnn, 9/28/2010  3:26 PM

We have a HIBRITEN Dining Set with china cabinet and buffet. I will email pictures if you like. I am negotiating with a consignment store this week.

From Jack, 9/7/2010  9:08 AM

I'm trying to purchase additional peices to my nearly 40 year old HIBRITEN Dining Room Set. I don't need the table and chairs but I require another hutch or side server. Will consider buying set. There are several levels of quality with the set. I'm looking for what I believe is the highest quality of construction. eg: Full length hinges and heavy, solid pulls.   

From Suzanne, 7/18/2010  7:28 PM

I have a Hibriten Dining room set with a China Cabinet. In good shape. Would like to know estimated value. At least 30 years old.   

From Elizabeth, 7/9/2010  7:13 PM

I have a 3 piece Hibriten bedroom set. Double bed with
headboard and footboard. Lots of decretive art on all
pieces. Tall chest of drawers. Dresser with 3 piece mirror and drawers. Not sure its age but old and in
mint condition. Has been refurbished. Oak wood with a
stamp of 02 on it. Do not know its value. Please contact me.Thanks

From Carole, 7/5/2010  2:03 PM

I have a Hibriten dinning set China cabinet 4 doors on top have beveled glass,2 glass shelves, each end of cabinet has glass, interior lighting,mirror back,3 drawer storage on one side bottom of china cabinet and shelf on other side. Side server with inlaid black marble on top,has one drawer and shelf x storage, 4 side chairs 2 arm chairs, table pads, 2 silver holder, two 18 inch table leaves, table will go to 109 inches, Has beautiful inlaid wood tops has wood and metal gears to open table, two pedestal on bottom of table, 4 side chairs Cain and wood back,gold color seats 2 arm chairs, I have lots pictures.I live in Victorville CA, I need to know what wood it is ? I forgot can someone help? Thanks

From JETTY, 6/30/2010  6:07 PM

i have a liveing room full of hibriten furnature that i bought in 1964 off the hibriten show room floor in lenoir n.c. for sell .

From brian, 6/19/2010  2:28 AM

i have a hibriten chair need some repair so i took it to a antique shop and was told that it was worth $30,000 what should i do??

From Jim, 6/14/2010  2:56 PM

I have a complete WWII wooden bunk bed made by Hibriten Lenoir furniture company on 9/22 & 9/23 1942.

From Van, 6/13/2010  6:19 PM

I purchased a five piece sectional sofa by Bernhardt at a yard sale this weekend. The shipping tag suggest it was delivered to the owners in 1987. The tag has lots lots of numbers but not name of the line. How can I get more information about the piece? I"m especially interested in options for arranging the furniture.

From Virena Tatcher, 5/22/2010  11:05 AM

I have a Hibriten LYRE BACK Chair. Solid mahogany I believe. Shipping ticket and seat ticket originals on bottom. The shipping info says 1929 to John Wanamakers in Phila for the purchaser Tatcher. I know my parents had it since I was a child and I'm 74.

From stephanie, 4/30/2010  1:14 PM

Beautiful Hibriten dining set. Pecan with the unique interplay of wood. Beveled glass china cabinet, double pedestal table with brass inlay, 2 leaves, 6 high cane-backed side chairs and 2 high cane-backed armed chairs with light golden upholstery, and a marble topped side buffet. Would like to sell as a set. All very good condition. Pics available. sbrownbryant@aol.com

From Cindy Heitzman, 4/18/2010  6:52 PM

I have a Hibriten dining set, 4 matching chairs original black vinyl upholstery and a 4' round table with 2 leaves. It is in very good condition, a modern set, maybe late 50's early 60's. Simple, sleek, modern design in walnut. Any estimate of its value? It is a very sweet set.

From Angela, 4/9/2010  2:05 PM

I have a Hibriten dining room set with a twin pedestal table with 2 leaves, 4 cane back side chairs, 2 arm chairs, and a 74" china cabinet. Pecan wood. Purchased in the 1970s. Great condition. It is too large for my new home and would like to sell.Please contact me if interested. aakaplan@aol.com Photos available

From chay, 3/13/2010  11:54 PM

if you may have those chairs, please email me pictures. i am willing to pay and ship the chairs if i can find matching for my set. please email me chayafuhrer@gmail.com anytime. Thanks.

From chay, 3/13/2010  11:51 PM

i am looking for more chairs for my hibriten bernhardt dining room set. i think it is pecan and cane back chairs. please let me know. thanks

From Wes Mcquaig, 3/8/2010  9:35 AM

I have a piece of furniture, (Vanity Stool) with a Hibriten label on the bottom, I'm siply trying to establish the value of this piece, It is in fair condition. Thank You Sincerely

From Wes Mcquaig, 3/8/2010  9:30 AM

I have a vanity stool with a hibriten label on it, it staes it's fro Lenoir, N.C. I am simply trying to determine the worth of this piece.

From Gayle, 1/16/2010  3:32 PM

I have a 3 piece Hibriten bedroom set. Double bed with headboard and footboard; tall chest of drawers; and vanity with 12 sided mirror, glass shelve, 4 drawers; and bench for vanity. I am not sure the age-quessing 30's or 40's. I am converting my bedroom to a craft room and must sell it and have no idea what it's worth. Is there anyone out their who can help!! I am not wanting a great price only a fair price. Thank you!

From Gwen, 1/11/2010  10:16 PM

I am selling a Hibriten dining set in very good condition. Oval table with 2 leaves, table pad, 4 cane backed dining chairs, 2 cane backed armed chairs, lighted china closet with 3 glass shelves, flatware drawer -- medium brown in color. Marble top buffet with 3 doors. This is a nice, large set. Gold velvet-like fabric is original on the comfortable dining chairs. Please contact me at gwensher@yahoo.com.

From DERRICK, 12/17/2009  12:20 PM


From derrick, 12/17/2009  12:18 PM


From Lynn Thompson, 10/28/2009  9:44 PM

I have a Hibriten bedroom suite from the 1940s in the Mid-Century Modern style, blonde wood, w/ the following pieces:
-Full-size bed w/ headboard, footboard, side rails & slats for underneath box springs
-Night stand (1) w/ drawer & door underneath
-Tall chest of drawers
-Vanity table w/ large round mirror, 4 large curved drawers, & glass shelf in center
-Matching rectangular bench for vanity table.
My mother bought this suite while working for a furniture store when my parents were newlyweds. It does have some wear on it & could use restoration. Have seen other Mid-Century Modern suites w/ less pieces for sale on eBay in the $800s & $900s; am asking $700 for this one. Can send photos if anyone is interested. Please contact me via e-mail, lynn@thompsonwriting.com, if you'd like to see it.

From Mel Anderson, 10/13/2009  8:51 PM

Have a Hibriten China & Silverware Cabinet Inheritied from my wifes Father. Built in the 70's Excellent shape. Have no clue of it's value. We are senior's & downsizing & this unit is fare to large for our new apartment. Will send pictures upon request for apprasial & possible buyers.

From craig, 9/7/2009  3:35 PM

Hi all.
We have a vintage Hibriten Chair Co (that's how it's marked on the label), LARGE 4 cushion curved sofa. It's a low back with a golden raised flo__l pattern. it's completely upolstered (no wood shows anywhere) and in good condition with no real signs of wear anywhere. I would say it's from around the 30's or 40's. We are in Albany NY, and I would be interested if anyone out there is interested in the piece. My email is craigergussy on a o l . Thanks

From john, 9/1/2009  3:47 PM

Your best bet for selling your table and chairs is EBay. I say that because I think the best place to maximize your price is on the East Coast. I get a good deal of questions about Hibriten as to value, etc. from people who want to sell the items. I never get a request from anyone who wants to buy some Hibriten items. As you may know Hibriten was bought by Bernhardt Furniture Company somewhere in the early 70’s and after a run closed it down. Hibriten was/is very nice furniture.

How bad is that scratch on the table top? 12″ long! How deep? If it is very shallow it will not be a big problem to fix it up. If it is deep then the whole top may need to be refinished after the scratch is removed. Check with a local woodworker to see what he tells you.

The simplest way for you to move the table and chairs would be at one of the Consignment Stores in the San Jose area. There are several stores in the area from Palo Alto through San Jose. I would expect that you should consider a price for the table and chairs of $1,999. I am assuming that the “mustard” color is the color of the fabric on the chairs and not the color of the wood. If they are slip seats (seats that are upholstered and then screwed/bolted/fastened to the chair) then it is a very simply and inexpensive to re-upholster the chairs. Slip seats will make the set sell very much easier than if each chair was upholstered individually. It is sad that wonderful furniture like Hibriten brings so little on the secondary market. It deserves higher prices because it is fine furniture. Good luck and don’t hesitate to contact me with any additional concerns.

Len Lewin; Author, “Shopping For Furniture: A Consumer’s Guide”, 2nd. Edition

From joyce, 7/31/2009  10:06 AM

I have a set of 10 cane back chairs upholstered in an offwhite fabric. One 84 in oblong table with two leaves. One china cabinet with 3 glass shelves and rounded sides. It has the one silverware drawer below. Two rounded bottom side panels. All purchased in 1977 or 1978. Excellent shape. Can you give me a hint of it's value, and would also like to sell this set. I am in Cleveland, Ohio.

From Carolyn, 7/10/2009  1:51 PM

I have a dining room set, Hibriten, pecan, oriental style carving on breakfront doors and insets, covered with beveled glass on table top. Door pulls are also oriental. Chairs are heavy and have carved backs and newly upholstered seats. The breakfront is tall with curved glass in the center section and cupboards and drawers below. Beautiful craftmenship. Photos are available. Set is available in S. California

From Dan Arons, 7/6/2009  8:52 PM

Hi Len- If you email me, I can email you the pictures of the Hibriten dining set.



From Barbie, 6/11/2009  12:52 PM

I am selling a Hibriten dining set purchased in 1975. Oval table with 2 leaves, table pad, 4 cane backed dining chairs, 2 cane backed armed chairs, lighted china closet with 3 glass shelves, flatware drawer -- medium brown in color. Fabric on the dining chairs is striped taupe/cream -- not original fabric they have been recovered. Set is in excellent condition. Please contact me at reinheimerba@upmc.edu

From Len, 5/19/2009  10:51 PM

Still looking for Hibriten dining room set, pecan, table 66" closed with (2) 18" leaves. Chairs are spindle backed with cushioned seats. Will buy complete set or chairs alone.

From Kristen, 5/6/2009  9:55 PM

Hello Patricia,

We just posted our Hibriten china cabinet, pedestal table, and 4 cane back chairs with beige/yellowish velvet seats on ebay. Please take a look to see if it is a match for you.

From Shirley, 4/10/2009  12:12 PM

I have my parent's Hibriten bedroom set dated 1/8/45--mahogany/veneer. Double bed head and foot boards, bedside commode, tall dresser, dressing table with the stool and original round mirror, with glass shelf. We had hopes of putting it in a second home, but know now that that isn't going to happen and must find another home for the set. I've began refinishing it (just removing the varnish and wax build up) and the wood veneer is quite pretty underneath all the old stuff). There is no hardware and the clean lines of the pieces probably would have been considered "modern". IMO, the set has the appearance of art deco pieces of an earlier period. Can anyone offer an opinion on a fair value for the set.

From Dan Arons, 4/8/2009  10:36 AM

Hi Patricia- I believe I have the dining set with the mustard upholstered chairs that you are looking for. Also have two-piece china hutch...please email me and I can email you some pictures..my email is da52672@verizon.net

From Patricia From New Jersey, 4/2/2009  9:15 PM


From jmeyer, 3/23/2009  8:25 PM

I have a dresser, no mirror, but I think it was made in the 40's or before, i received this from a grandparent of a friend who said it ws his parents, and in 1960, they were already 80 of age, so is there photo's of old hibriten furn co. in lenoir nc to look up and see the value, i wish not to sell it, but keep it for my grandkids. its in beautiful shop, maybe one scratch on it. thanks so much for your help

From Joe Nowak, 3/22/2009  5:45 PM

To Rhonda who posted a solid pecan dining room table and 11 chairs on 8/29/2008, if you still have these items available and for sale, let me know.

From GARY, 3/18/2009  4:16 PM


From Sharon, Mobile, Alabama, 2/23/2009  1:10 PM

I have a Hibriten (Flair) Country French or French Provincial wood ladderback armchair with an upholstered seat that I purchased many years ago and would like to find more chairs by this manufacturer in this particular style (arm or side chairs). Does anyone have Hibriten (Flair) wood ladderback chairs for sale? Thanks!

From Isaac New York, 2/20/2009  7:21 AM

I am still looking for a specicfic Hibriten dining set that my parents had - it is a french looking, darkish wood, cane back chair and table with, server which opens with a marble inlay, and china cabinet bottom has four storage doors and top has 4 glass doors. I appreciate everyone's emails and responses but we have not found it yet - please feel free to continue to email me executivechef01@aol.com and i will respond promptly thanks. DONT BE SHY

From jackie tyler, 2/5/2009  6:01 PM

I have a beautiful Hibriten dining room set that has a hugh buffet hutch with lighted display areas with convex glass. A service bar that opens to a black formica serving surface. A 145" long table with 6 chairs. I need to know the value of this. It was purchased in 1978 by me. I need to sell it, I have to down size, because of the economy. I would appreciate and answer soon.

                              Jackie Tyler

From Pat, 1/7/2009  6:15 PM

We have a Bernhardt Hibriten China Closet in beautiful condition that we would like to sell. We bought it in the late 70's for about $2000. It is beautifully made of oak. We live in CT. I can email pictures. Contact me at phowl@comcast.net if interested.

From Mike, 11/10/2008  9:18 PM

We have a Hibriten Dining Room Set with four cane back side chairs, two cane arm chairs, twin pedestal table with two leafs, china cabinet with curved glass end doors, glass shelve and built-in lighting. The finish is a fruit wood finish. We are curious about the value. We paid $3500 in the mid 1970'S.

We also have a Hibriten bedroom set. We have been impressed with the quality.

From Pius Bahn, 11/7/2008  4:46 PM

Please email to me (bahnpius@yahoo.com) the picture if the tag number is matching to 645.503, H008 (Chair).

From tina, 11/2/2008  1:47 PM


From Pius, 10/30/2008  4:17 PM

I am looking for 4 chairs (item code: 645.503, H008),Bernhardt Furniture Co., Flair Div for Hibriten Furniture Co., Lenoir, North carolina. Please advise.

From rhonda, 9/14/2008  10:59 PM

I have 2 chairs. I think kitchen? with a piece of paper stapled on the bottom that says it is against the law to remove this paper from the bottom. they are made by hibriten furniture. there is some written numbers on the chairs themselfs. What are they worth if anything. they are kinda funny looking. the seet is oversized with kinda of a mission back?

From Jane, 9/7/2008  8:41 PM

I have Hibriten dining room furniture. Dark Oak. 6 chairs, plus 2 captains chairs, all in excellent condition. Table has 2 leafs. Plus china cabinet and buffet with drawer for silverware. Newly upholstered chairs, and table newly refinished.

From Jane T, 9/7/2008  8:38 PM

I have Hibriten dining room furniture. There is a table with 2 leaves, 6 dining chairs and 2 captain chairs, all in excellent condition. There is a china cabinet and buffet. Also one drawer has a silverware storage. Anyone interested?

From Rhonda, 8/29/2008  6:01 PM

I have a solid pecan dining table with 11 chairs, cane backing, covered with cushion on back and bottoms, and 2 leafs, I found a tag on one of the chairs that says Made By FLAIR, Lenoir, North Carolina For Hibriten Furniture Company, Lenoir, North Carolina, I would like to know how old this furniture is and how much do you think it is worth? Could use some scratch and worn repair on table, but beautifully well built table and chairs. Lic. No. N.Y. 43606 (NC) Material consists of Urethane Foam 100%

From Jane Cole, 8/7/2008  10:57 PM

Hibriten Furniture

Double four poster bed
night table
Dressing table with mirror
and stool

What is this Hibriten Mahogany Furniture worth?
It was made in 1943.

From Loreen, 8/6/2008  4:12 PM

I have a Hibriten dinning room set- 6 chairs, china cabinet and buffet. table also has 2 leafs and a pad. i am intrested in selling. email me Reeen2204@yahoo.com

From Dale, 8/2/2008  7:21 PM

My Email address is daleandrews1@sbcglobal.net.

From Dale, 8/2/2008  7:19 PM

Looking to puchase a Hibriten server, model number, 627-400. The model number can be found when you open the server doors and look up at the bottom of the server drawer. It has a black marble inlay on the top.

From Judi, 7/18/2008  11:22 AM

To Isaac,

I have a Hibriten dining room set I purchased over 30 years ago, it has dark chairs with cane back. The set is dark wood, with wormy chestnut. I have the table, six chairs(2 with arms), a very large china cabinet that is two pieces. Not sure if this is any help in your search. Please contact me if you have any further questions. I will be selling this set. You can email me at judi2367@yahoo.com.

From Marilyn Nogai, 7/15/2008  3:45 PM

To Judy Young,

Is your set French Provencial?

From Marilyn Nogai, 7/15/2008  3:44 PM

To Mary,

Is your set French Provencial?

From Marilyn Nogai, 7/15/2008  3:43 PM


Is your set French Provencial?

From Marilyn Nogai, 7/15/2008  3:41 PM

To Judy Young,

Is your set French Provencial?

From Isaac, 7/14/2008  4:40 PM

I am still looking for a specicfic Hibriten dining set that my parents had - it is a can back dark wood chair and table with server and china cabiinet, i appreciate everyone's emails and responses but we have not found it yet - please feel free to continue to email me executivechef01@aol.com and i will respond promptly thanks.

From Judy Young, 7/4/2008  2:35 PM

I have a hibrighten dining room set that I purchased 35 years ago from Charles s Martin in Atlanta, Ga. This set is in excellent condition. It has a table with 4 chairs an 2 captain (arm) chairs with cain backs.They have been recovered. A buffet on rollers and a large china cabinet. I would like to sell all pieces but do not know a price .


From Mike, 6/29/2008  7:57 PM

I have a hiberten dining room set in excellent condition, 6 chairs, china closet, 2 leafs and custom made pads for table. lkovalyk@poughkee.gannett.com

From Isaac, 5/26/2008  4:59 AM

Robert / Nijole - please contact me asap you dont have contact info up, executivechef01 on aol. thanks and have a great memorial day.

From Isaac, 5/26/2008  4:56 AM

i am in new york and miami and am looing for all hibriten furniture - chairs tables everything, email me executivechef01 on aol and send me pics with pricing and info - thanks.

From Nijole, 5/25/2008  7:53 PM

We have dining set: 6 chairs , table w leaf and buffet made by Flair inc,Lenoir, North Carolina for Hibriten Furniture Company, INC. We would like to sell. Furniture in very good condition. We accept B/O. We are located on NJ Shore.


From Marilyn Nogain, 5/16/2008  1:06 PM

To Richard, Mary and Denise,

Could you e-mail me picutres of your chairs, the front and side views if they have cane backs? I am looking for French provencial cane back chairs made of fruitwood by Flair for Hibriten Furniture Co. I purchased a set in the 1070's and want to add to my set...2 to 4 more chairs.

From Marilyn Nogai, 5/14/2008  10:34 AM


Are your chairs French? What kind of would are they, and what stain is the wood?

From Marilyn Nogai, 5/14/2008  10:26 AM

I am looking to buy two to four side French Provencial dining room chairs with a cane back made by Flair in Lenoir, North Carolina for Hibriten Furniture Co. 30 years ago. I have the table, 6 side chairs, and two arm chairs and would like more side chairs. If anyone has some chairs for sale, I would like to hear from them. I would pay for the shipping to send them to me.

From LEN, 5/11/2008  5:17 PM

What style is the china cabinet, is it open at the bottom? What style are the chairs, are they cane back or spindle back? Is the wood a fruitwood?

From Robert, 5/7/2008  2:31 PM

For sale-

1970 Hibriten dining room set- table, leafs, 6 chairs, china cabinet. I got this as a gift from my parents a few years ago but I never had room for it. Good condition, a few scratches and could use some new upholstery on the chairs- just a little TLC is all it needs. I's say it's worth roughly $1,000 for the set but I'm open to all resonable offers. I'm located in Rockland County, NY (35 mi. north of NYC) and I have pictures available.

This set was purchased before Bernhardt furniture co. bought Hibriten in the early 70's- something I thought was worth mentioning.

I'll reply to all posts, thanks.


From Frank, 4/7/2008  7:42 PM

This weekend my wife and I purchased a china cabinet.
It is 80 inches high, 73 inches wide and 16 inches deep in the center thining to 12 inches on each end.
The cabinet has four glass doors with three glass shelves with dish grooves.
The lower part has four doors. The two in the center cover three draws one being for silverware the others for table cloths napkins ect.
The doors on the right and left have one wood shelve in each.
We paid $270.00 from goodwill and this piece looks like it came from the factor yesterday.
Do you have any idea of it's value,or when it was manufactured. I wish I could send a picture.
Well any informatinn would help.

From ruby mitchell, 1/21/2008  5:33 PM

where can you still buy hibriten furniture

From Suzanne, 1/4/2008  11:42 PM

I am looking for a Hibreten Host chair to complete a dining room set: made in the 1970's by Flair, Inc. for Hibriten, cane backed with finial on top, black vinyl seat; #680516.

From Janelle Gossett, 1/4/2008  1:42 PM

I have a hibriten vanity that is light colored very good shape. It has a large round mirror and curved drawers. It also has a covered rectangle bench.
Pleae help. I need to sell as we have no space.

From Richard, 10/31/2007  12:29 AM

I have a Hibriten dining room set I'd like to sell. It'style is #625 'Tribute' and includes #625-251 Octagonal Dining Table and base with 2 leaves, #625-400 Server, #625-120 Credenza with #625-626 Deck, (4) #625-523 Side Chairs with cane backs, and (2) 3625-584 Host Chairs with cane backs. This beautiful set is made of wormy chestnut which is rare in fine furniture. I've had it since 1987 and will use it for the last time this Thanksgiving, after which I'll let it go. I am in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Contact me if you are interested.

From Jennifer Cox, 10/7/2007  8:41 PM

I have a large, 2 piece lighted Hibriten china cabinet, honey blonde with glass inlay shelves, silver drawer, around 7 ft tall; 3 shelves in middle, glass shelves on side, china groove, bottom half with enclosed storage, 4 doors; can you give me an idea of value?

From Cindy, 10/7/2007  3:27 PM

I have a tall chest and a dresser set in mahogany. just wondering if it is quality? it is a beutiful set.

From adf4rf5gg, 9/22/2007  6:00 PM

your outdated out of style mediocre furniture is worth very little . sell it for whatever someone will pay.

From Dana, 9/10/2007  12:03 PM

I have a bedroom set that i discovered is made by Hibriten Furniture CO. I would like to find out what its worth. Its in very good condition. Do the numbers on the back of the furniture pieces help with identifying the exact piece it is? And what resources are out that would help me find out more info?
I would appreciate any help

From Jim, 4/23/2007  10:21 AM

We have a Hibriten oak dining room set purchased in 1978 with a large table, 52" round with 2 leaves with pads, large buffet with china closet, dry sink on wheels, 4 chairs and 2 Captains chairs in good condition. We would like to know the asking price for all or individually.

From Jelane, 4/22/2007  3:18 AM

I am look for more chairs for a dining room suit that was made by Bernhardt for the Hibriten Furniture Company in the 1987 - 1982??. The table is trim in black with chestwood in the middle. The chairs are also trimmed in black with wicker in the middle and a cloth seat.

From Connie, 4/17/2007  4:24 PM

I have a Hibriten dining room set purchased 35 yrs. ago at Barker Bros. in Santa Ana CA. It is pecan wood, table and 8 chairs (2) armchairs and the china cabinet and hutch. The chairs are cane back with gold velvet seats (when purchased). Looking to buy the buffet. Can anyone help?

From Mary, 4/14/2007  7:45 PM

I have a Hibriten Dinning Room set. it has 2 captiain chairs and 4 side chairs (wicker and fabric) Table has 1 leaf. Matching 2 piece large china cabinet in Maple. I would like to sell and looking to find pricing.
Thanks you.

From Galla, 4/7/2007  5:37 PM

I have a Hibriten Dining Room set that I purchased in 1979. It is a banquet size dining room table and eight chairs (2 arm and 6 side) and a very large china cabinet. It is in relatively good shape but I would like to get new pads for the table. To whom would I speak/write in order to get these? Is this company still in business?

From Denice, 3/26/2007  12:21 PM

I have a Hibriten dinning room set in oak with a large china cabinet, a buffet server on wheels, 2 captain chairs (brown suede), 2 side chairs (brown suede) and 4 side chairs (wicker and suede), table with 2 extra leafs. This set belonged to my parents, it was purchased from Kirshmann's in Metairie, LA in 1972 or 1973. I want to sell it, but have no idea how much to charge for it. Can you help?

From olin, 3/20/2007  11:41 PM

I have a elegant bedroom set of Hibriten my mother bought new about 1958 to 1959. No bed is avaliable. But its style goes with a big canopy or metal framed bed. There is a chest of drawers, a big dresser with shaped wood frame wall mirror and two night stands. I would like to sell. Tampa Fla.

From Martin McCall, 2/8/2007  2:45 PM

I have found a set of three pieces of furniture from this company. How might i find out more information about when these were made. They have the labels on them, but only an address of the person who must have recieved them. Thanks

From denise, 1/5/2007  10:30 AM

I have a hibriten dining room set with china cabinet. It was purchased about 30 years ago and is in good condition. I would like to sell it. How can I have it apraised? Thank you.

From Russell at Furniture World Magazine, 5/24/2004  10:08 PM

I found a listing in a 1941 issue of FURNITURE WORLD MAGAZINE. Here are some excerpts: "Hibriten Furniture Co., Lenior, NC, manufactures a large line of bedroom suites which are nationally distributed." Colbert L. Robbins is president and general manager of the company... At that time (1930) with others he bought out the old Lenoir Chair Co., changing the name to Hibriten Furniture...His factory occupies over 150,000 square feet of floor space and 325 workers are employed. Since the plant was streamlined with the installation of a conveyer system, potential production is around $1,000,000 annually..." I will post your message so other furninfo.com readers can respond with additional information.   

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