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Posted By Steve, 10/22/2005

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Hi, I am considering purchasing a Deilcraft Dining table and 4 Chairs. I really don't know much about Deilcraft and cannot find much on the internet.Can someone tell me if this Furniture was quality made from solid woods? How old would this be? Thanks Steve


From flybuy22, 9/24/2011  8:45 PM

We have a beautiful Deilcraft china cabinet in cherry wood we're willing to part with in the Greater Vancouver area. It's 72" high x 46" wide, has 3 glass shelves, a display light for the upper shelf, 2 solid doors on bottom with pull tray. If you're intrested, email me at 1canada.geo@yahoo.com. Rob

From Steve, 8/10/2011  5:26 PM

I own a set of 3 stackable end tables made by Deilcraft.
I know that because there is a tag inside that says: Dielcraft Fine Furniture. Can I find the value of these small tables? Could you email me an answer? Thank you         &nb sp;         &nb sp;         &nb sp;   

From Steve, 8/7/2011  1:56 PM

Trying to get some information on a Deilcraft china cabinet and hutch that belonged to my grandmother. Would have been mid 60's when purchased. Number on back is 14078 (stamped in red) and X0214 in black. Another label on the back has: Finishing 14078 25 09000 Dec. FTWD 71V and in pencil '65. The upper cabinet has three glass shelves and glass doors. The lower has drawer which is stamped Deilcraft. Any information would be appreciated.

From Steve, 8/3/2011  11:02 AM

I have two end tables marked Deilcraft Fine Furniture .Dominion Electrohome Industries Limited Kitchner, Ontario. Tables have a 1/2" lip with curved front and back. Two drawers and bottom shelf. They were purchased prior to 1965 and have been refinished. Appears to be solid Cherry wood. Stamp underneath is #1749. Interested in selling and am wondering what they are worth.

From Steve, 7/16/2011  11:25 AM

Question for Helen..posted 11/28/2010.

Have you any response re the piece of furniture you described?
Please contact me if you have, Thank you

From Steve, 7/14/2011  6:13 PM

I have a small square table by Deilcraft, Serial #115203 and stamped no. 53324, no glass with it. What is the value of such an item and what year was it produced?

From Steve, 7/14/2011  2:56 PM

I have a 'Barcelona Mk1 S.600.018 cycle 60

Electrohome phonograph, radio, previously a TV.

Cabinet by Deilcraft built in Kitchener ON. 1964

by Larry R Sasnoski 64-19 01

I am wanting to know a price value for this beautiful piece of Oak furniture (walnut stain)
Thank you ....Lorraine

From Jane Nicholson, 6/18/2011  1:31 PM

I bought a Deilcraft coffee table yesterday at the Valu Village for $7.98. I almost dropped when I saw the price, even though the top of the table had been painted white. It's 38 inches in diameter and 14 inches high, with four "sputnik" legs with brass ends on them. Solid wood...I actually think it's oak, but not quite sure. Brass tag on bottom is 2734 and serial number seems to be M1479 but it is hard to make out. "Stamp is Deilcraft - Made in Canada" and there is a tiny paper label which indicates it at one time graced the offices of External Affairs. Since I know it is worth more than I paid for it, I am not looking for a value, but want to say thanks to you all for the information on the site. It's been a real help!

From Gail, 6/14/2011  7:35 PM


From Marilyn, 5/20/2011  3:09 PM

bought an end table for five dollars,Deilcraft #l03961,
curious to its worth,another #126 in blue pencil,a stamp 2 in a circle. Very curious.

From Shirley, 4/27/2011  7:40 AM

I have the card/games table, claw feet, slides over to reveal storage for games/cards. It's 36 x 36 when fully flipped opened..serial# 18269 (could be an 8) Pattern# 8838
Anyone have any idea of the value please?

From Betty, 4/1/2011  11:30 AM

I have a Dominion Electrohome Industried Limited, Kitchener, Ontario - Deilcraft Coffee Table with removable, framed, glass top, which, when removed reveals the main table top. Duncan phyfe legs, excellent condition. Pattern #2400 - Serial #86975. Would like to know the value of this unique table. Willing to sell same.

From Christine, 2/12/2011  11:27 AM

I have a Roxton 8 drawer dresser in new condition. It was purchased in the late 70's. It was a large mirror on the back. Any idea of price?


From craig, 1/24/2011  5:41 PM

i have a small telephone stand that is a Delicraft Fine Furniture, made in Canada item 1220 serial number is 3813. Curious what it"s value may be

From JOHN TURNER, 1/4/2011  7:36 AM



From Marie aubertin, 1/2/2011  4:01 PM

With digital age we should be able to post a small pic of the furnitire.

From Marie, 1/2/2011  3:59 PM

Just purchased a small table by Deilcraft table- red maple i beleive with four very eloquent legs. the small table has a division lenght wise in center- i think for small books. It also has two copper pots- half moon shaped at each end. Very unique pice of furnitue. If you have any info please contact me. enjoyed reading all info on this company. All my furniture is Roxton which is now defunct also.It was purchased in 1976, after a house fire.

From Helen, 11/28/2010  12:46 AM

We have an Electrohome stereo radio and record player. Model Chancellor M 162 Serial # A824695.
Cabinet by Deilcraft. Purchased in 1964
We wish to sell, what is it worth ?
I have been asked if it has a seperate tube amplifier inside the cabinet.
I have taken the back off but I don't know what to look for.     How do I know what that is?
Thanks Helen

From Gina, 11/8/2010  2:42 PM

A couple of years ago I purchased a Deilcraft coffee table pattern #2597, ser. #97203 and also 2 drop leaf coffee end lamp tables with the number L410 stamped in black but no brass tags. Are these drop leaf tables also made by Deilcraft. All 3 came from the same estate sale and all are mahogany. Also has anybody any idea roughly when the coffee table would have been made based on the pattern number. Thank you.

From LYNN, 11/8/2010  2:27 PM


From kerri, 11/7/2010  10:49 PM

hello! my mom has a deilcraft side table set as well as coffee table, she recieved it as a gift from my great grandmother, which we are gessing were purchased around the 1940-50s. just wondering if you could help me out on the average price or any background info on the products

THANKS! kerri

From Sue Sorce, 11/4/2010  10:47 AM

I acquired two round end tables that measure approximately 22" across, have a drawer that pulls out with four knobs with the label inside the drawer marked Deilcraft Fine Furniture Dominion Electrohome Industries Limited, Kitchener, Canada Pattern No. 3255
Serial No. 71295, and Pattern No. 3255, Serial No. 71288. Can you tell me anything as far as how old they might be or what there value would be? Do you know of a collector of this type of furniture. Thank you.

From shirley, 10/31/2010  8:21 AM

I have a 3 tiered piecrust table.Marked Deilcraft Kitchener, Ontario...Any idea of the value... In good condition....thanks.

From Peggy, 10/17/2010  4:13 PM

I have recently purchases a Deilcraft drop leaf dining table with two extension leaves and a very neat mechanism to extend the table and insert the leaves, the table top rotates and opens. It is in need of some refinishing but it is such a functional table I think it well woth it. I would like to estimate the value of the piece if possible>


From gloria, 10/3/2010  4:05 PM

l have 2 deilcraft endtables walnut with a 3/4 inch lip around the top and 2 drawers, rounded ends very nice. I would like to date them and now the estimate of their value?

From dmitry stone, 8/25/2010  1:27 AM

I have a Deilcraft (stamped) walnut dresser
with 6 drawers. How could I date it and obtain an estimate of its possible value. Any clues would be appreciated.

From ken macstephen, 7/6/2010  9:27 PM

I bought and still have (1967) a Deilcraft vertical stereo Lockport model with reel to reel and record player. How do I find if someone collects this sort of stereo?

From nrudow, 7/6/2010  10:13 AM

Deilcraft do they make solid wood furniure?
Thank you

From Amit, 6/27/2010  11:01 PM

I have small table that I would like information on.
It is a Deilcraft table with a single drawer.

The serial number is: 89974


From Joy Curnoe, 5/17/2010  12:58 PM

We have a Deilcraft dining room set made out of yew wood. I am looking for the matching buffet. I have the two piece china cabinet and would love to find the buffet. They told us they discontinued this line as the knots in the yew wood kept popping out Anyone have any ideas?


From Donna, 5/9/2010  5:29 PM

I have a Deiltraft Dominion Electrochrome coffee table and has the Serial no: 3045 # 2317. I would like to know what whould the resale value be?

From Lina Leger, 4/29/2010  10:04 PM

I have an oval coffee table. , I am looking for a resale value, could you help me please. The copper plate underneath reads Deilcraft, an Elctrohome Product. Dominion Electrohome Industries Limited Canada. Pattern No. 2531, Serial No. 59510.

From Brandon, 2/21/2010  5:15 PM

Deilcraft was the furniture subsidiary of Dominion Electrohome of Kitchener, Ontario (DEIL = Dominion Electrohome Industries Limited). Founded in 1907, Electrohome made radios and later televisions, and of course in the early days the wood cabinet was a big part of what sold these items. Aside from selling under its own brand name, Electrohome was a major supplier of house brands to department stores and so forth.

At some point the Deilcraft Division extended their range to include other items of furniture beyond cabinets for Electrohome products.

Electrohome and Deilcraft did not survive the invasion of Japanese electronics, as well as the switch to radios and TVs without furniture cabinets. The company went out of business in 1984, and the brand name has floated around since a licensed item.

From Angus, 2/18/2010  1:27 PM

I just purchased a set of Walnut Deilcraft Endtables. They are rectagular in shape with a 3/4 lip going around the top and the front and back are curved (a real nice look) There are two drawers in each. Over all its pretty ornate. The pattern number is T606.
Does anyone know what i have?

From rusty, 1/28/2010  1:16 PM

end tables

From Pat Reynolds, 1/6/2010  10:55 AM

This message is for Ray Snow and others. I have 2 end tables with pattern #1220 and different serial numbers than yours. I am trying to find out what they are worth also. My email is preynolds1961@yahoo.com. Send me your email and if I find out anything or anyone else let me know.

From Raymond snow, 12/29/2009  7:52 PM

I have a deilcraft end table with plate on inside drawer Pattern # 1220
       Serial #30872 I would like to know what the cost would be.
                             Ray Snow

From martyne, 12/9/2009  11:45 PM

jaimerais savoir jai recu une table de marque........base avec le no serial qui est 76107 etun autre numero de pattern qui est 2515 et aussi 2 mirroirs ovales qui vont ensemble je crois?auriez vous des info prix de lanner etc.merci!

From James Jobson, 11/9/2009  4:27 PM

I just received a deilcraft table and 4 chairs, the number under the table is 3783 and another number is L2562, can anyone tell me anything about this set? And can anyone tell me the value of this set.

From Mary, 8/19/2009  11:59 AM

I have a coctail table and 2 end tables that we purchased new in 1966. I don't down the style, but they were used by deilcraft in 1967 expo in Montreal. Any idea what price I should be asking for these and if you know the style name. Thanks. They are in good condition.

From shelley, 8/15/2009  4:04 PM

I have a marquette s-300 stereo turntable from my grandmother I cant move it anymore and I would hate it to go in the trash any idea what I should do????

From barbara, 8/9/2009  3:40 PM

Hi I have a round teak stero on a black stand made electrohome and Deilcraft.Does any one have any info? date? Thanks barb

From jeff, 7/19/2009  12:01 PM

I have 2 Deilcraft end tables, identicle looking but 1 has in the brass tag underneath pattern #3250 and serial #66838, the 2nd one has a black stamp #3250 and in the brass tag there is no stamp on the pattern # and the serial # is 115455 and again they are identicle as far as I can tell. I would like to know the year of manufacture if possible and value. They are both in very good shape. thanks Jeff

From ric bayer, 5/30/2009  9:25 PM

I have a two tables Deilcraft 118423 from Electrohome .... is it a collecting object?

From richard graham, 4/22/2009  5:28 PM

I have a small round table with two drawers -serial # 36220/pattern # 1797. Could you please tell us how old it is and current value. It is in very good shape.

Thank you.

From Carolyn Burry, 4/19/2009  1:30 AM

I am looking for a Deilcraft round coffee table with matching end tables. The coffee table has a queen anne leg and is cut in fluid curves on the top. I'm sorry I don't know the style number. If anyone is interested in selling their set or knows of a set please e-mail me.

Thank you


From rick morrison, 4/11/2009  8:03 PM

I picked up a leather-top coffee table with 2 end tables with slide under at either end from an estate. The brass i.d. plate states "Deilcraft Fine Furniture".
It was a bit of a surprise when, on tour in Key West Florida, a similar set was seen on display in the "Florida White House". Any ideas how it got there?

From Wayne, 4/5/2009  5:04 PM

I worked for the liquidators of the Kitchener Deilcraft factory. To all the people whom are interested in the value of their pieces, for sale or to purchase, I suggest you keep your items if you can and purchase them if you feel good about the price. I have a few pieces, which I purchased from the big factory sale in 1991, and they are as good today as they were when first purchased. In spite of moving several times and the addition of children- they can be hard on furniture- my deilcraft still looks great and make fablous accent pieces. As Dave so aptly put it: its high end. I think it's some of the best Canadian made products and they're worth keeping.

From mchatterton, 4/3/2009  8:30 PM

I have a maple coffee table that makes into a dining room table that seats 4 --It is a Deilcraft , serial number 102470 and pattern number 492. Can anyone help me with a price? Thanks

From Highlander48, 4/2/2009  1:04 PM

I am selling two Deilcraft step end tables for my mother. They were purchased in the late 50's and have some scratches and wear. The style number is 3250. Any idea what they might be worth?

From k.p.smith, 3/30/2009  9:02 PM

I have a coffee table made by deilcraft which has 4 claw legs on coming out of a center spindle.The seial number is 38526. I was wondering when it was built

From Dave, 3/24/2009  6:53 PM

For all the people inquiring about Deilcraft furniture on this site, i Worked at Plant#6 in the woodworking division in Kitchener. For 11 years i was able to say i helped make some fine furniture that still holds up today. Cherry,Oak, Mahogany, Birds Eye Maple and even Pine wood. It was considered high end at that time and prices were expensive. But the furniture still exixts today after almost 30 years. Hopefully Ikea will be able to say the same!

From june, 3/2/2009  11:13 AM

Like many of these posts, I have a deilkraft piece.It is a rectangular coffee table with metal detail on leg tips and a glass top .I am looking for a value?

From Toni, 2/19/2009  4:00 PM

I have a solid wood oval occasional table with shelf below, beautiful simple yet elegant design manufactured by Deilcraft with the 'Deilcraft fine furniture Dominion Electrohome INdustries Ltd. Kitchener Ontario' metal plate Pattern Number 3248, Serial Number 68504 and the nuber 2 stamped into the wood under the bottom shelf. There is also a brown cabinet shipping tag still attached. I am not sure if the wood is cherry or mahogany. I am curious of its value.

From Arnold, 1/8/2009  12:34 AM

I purchased a square Deilcraft oak coffee table years ago from Johnathan interiors, Surrey B.C.(no longer in business) The serial number under the table is 10487. I would be interested in finding the end tables that match it. A bit of a long shot, but whatever.

From Isobel Jones, 10/29/2008  6:56 PM

I have round coffee table and 2 matching side tables that was bought in the 80's in Kitchener. They have a number on the bottom of the coffee table 35186# could you please give me an idea of the cost to replace them today. We are moving into an apartment and I was thinking of selling them.

Thanks Isobel Jones.

From Al, 10/3/2008  8:02 PM


From Al, 10/3/2008  8:00 PM

Dear Issy,
Any codes or numbers on the furniture, whats your dads first name. I worked for Dielcraft at that time.

From ISSY, 9/5/2008  12:24 PM


From Mary, 7/27/2008  12:32 AM

I have just purchased a dining set, hutch, table and four chairs. I would love to purchase another 2 chairs for this set.   The information I have on the chairs is a tag with 69C3837 printed on it.
If anyone has any information regarding purchasing these chairs, I would be forever grateful.

From Helene Meilleur, 5/25/2008  1:05 PM

I have a gorgeous dining room set (I'm not sure what type of wood) and the buffet/hutch is stamped Deilcraft Electrohome 11380. The table only has a number stampled in red underneath (11888) and underneath the chairs (6), the tags mention Electrohome Limited, Kitchener, Ontario and the word 'Roma'.

This set used to belong to my Mom and I know she purchased it in the 80's and that she paid quite a bit for it.

I unfortunately have to sell this set as I'm moving to a much smaller house and would like to know how much it's worth. Any idea?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


From Bill, 2/10/2008  11:14 AM

I have a Deilcraft TR40 which was purchased in about 1964 by my -ather. The interesting thing about the cabinet is it has the Electohme name on it and was manufactured in Kitchener. My -ather was in the wood business and worked for a company called Hay & Company out of Woodstock, Ont. One of there largest customers was Electrhome. My dad would not have bought anything less then superior quality when it came to wood products. It still looks brand new. I plan on restoring the stereo in the next few months and get it fired up.

From Joan, 2/8/2008  3:34 PM

DEILCRAFT (which stands for Dominion Electrohome Industries Limited) made very high quality furniture when it was owned by Electrohome (well known for TV/Stereo/and Home comfort products). When Electrohome sold the name, the quality started to go down hill. Anything make by DEILCRAFT in the '70s and '80s is great quality - all solid wood - no laminate stuff. It's too bad that such a Canadian quality icon has been forgotten.

From greg, 9/28/2007  2:14 PM

I am looking for amy information about a stereo cabinet (deilcraft TR 20 with Garrard 3000).

From Yves Choinière, 8/26/2007  3:58 PM

I'm looking for metal angle brackets that crown the side molding of a coffee table. I can read   S P 459    CANADA 1 on the inside of the bracket. A further detail side view of the bracket reveale a curvature that fit over the shape of the molding on the side of the table.

From Lou, 8/6/2007  10:53 AM

I bought a set of bunching tables in 1988 from an Antique store in Toronto in the Bayview and Eglinton area; which means I probably paid retail. The 3 legged smallest one has the metal plate with Deilcraft and Dominion Electrohome Industries Limited Canada, with the Pattern and Serial numbers imprinted. They cost me $600.00. This may give some idea of the worth of these gorgeous tables.

From Kevin, 4/24/2007  10:45 AM

I have a two tier side table with three claw feet legs in very good condition. It has a plaque with the Deilcraft fine furniture and Electrohome name with a black stamped number of 4120 on the wood. Does anyone know the value of this item? Thanks

From dorothy, 11/10/2006  7:31 PM

if anyone can help me the info from above my addy is malliwalli3@hotmail.com

From dorothy, 11/10/2006  7:28 PM

typing error on the number 1207M in regards 2 the coffee table this is the rite number 1207M . thanxs

From dorothy, 11/10/2006  7:24 PM

i have bought 3 piece matching coffee table and end tables made by deilcraft ( it's beautiful )on the bottom of the coffee table the numbers 24008 and on the other side of the name of deilcraft on the coffee the other number is 1207Mhe . the end tables have the number 24045 and the other number on the same end table is 0197M .the end tables have a shelf on the bottom with a draw the coffee table is longer then ur average cofee table . i'm not sure of what kind of wood but it is hard wood .

From James, 8/19/2006  1:54 PM

I came across an Electrohome Stereo Console MK V Cabinet by Deilcraft at a garage sale today. They want $25.00 and I believe it's probably a great price considering the workmanship and detail of the wooden cabinet, not to mention that it looks to be a tube amplifier, radio, turntable and speakers. Wondering about the value here people. Please let me know...

From Louise, 12/3/2005  11:22 PM

Pattern No. 779, Serial No.108912. I have this and need a price on this.. Great condition. ella@dccnet.com     

From E., 11/24/2005  11:29 AM

I have a Carleton TR/20 with a hand crafted Cabinet by Deilcraft. This is a stero with record player made by electohome in a cabinet made by Deilcraft. In the manual it says the wood is walnut. what is this worth? maybe I should put it on EBAY. erick.placko@rogers.com

From Guest, 11/18/2005  10:12 AM

You can try whatsitworthtoyou.com or appraisals@furniturebrains.com for inexpensive appraisals. -Russell

From sylvia, 11/18/2005  9:31 AM

Hello...I can help a little with the value of Deilcraft tables when purchased new in 1981...The furniture store was going out of business. {not Deilcraft that bankruptcy was later}.....a five legged coffee table... two end drum tables....lamp table...a set of two nesting tables....all are french provincial....I paid $2,500,00 for all on sale...Sylvia sylvial@sympatico.ca

From Guest, 11/9/2005  4:37 PM

Willie, I don't quite know what you are asking for, but all I know about Deilcraft is posted to this page. - Russell

From willie stewart, 11/9/2005  4:34 PM

Hello: I was wondering if you could help me out. We purchased a home back in 1989 from an older couple. They were leaving some of their furniture in the home. One of the tables that was left is from your company, underneath the table is a brass plaque with the serial # 12873 and the pattern #s207. We know at the time the couple then were in there late 80's. If you could help me out I would appreciate it. Thank you for your time Regards, Willie Stewart

From Earl, 10/28/2005  7:28 PM

Hello Steve, I saw your message on furninfo.com, and thought I might mention that I too have been trying to find information on Deilcraft. We recently aquired a leather-top coffee and end table set, but have very little information as to it's value, etc. There is a brass plaque attached to the inside of the coffee table drawer showing the Electrohome and Deilcraft logos along with model and serial numbers, while the coffee table simply has the number 3205 stamped on the underside. By the way, the plaque indicates "Dominion Electrohmoe Industries Limited .... Kitchener .... Canada". We'd like to sell these items, but have absolutely no idea as to their value. Cheers from Wallaceburg, Ontario Earl (cloudninedj@sympatico.ca)

From Steve, 10/23/2005  7:04 PM

Thanks for the information. We purchased the table and 4 chairs. The set looks great. Looks to me to be solid cherry wood. Chairs and table are stamped underneath Deilcraft Made in Canada. We were told it was approx 20 years old. Any way to find out its value?

From Guest, 10/22/2005  8:15 PM

Here is a previous post made to furninfo.com. "Hi, Russ... FYI...Deilcraft Fine Furniture was a Canadian company in Ontario (Millhouse, Millstown or something). At any rate, they went bankrupt in 1990 or 1991. Very unfortunate, as they made excellent furniture, and the bankruptcy left some 600 people out of work."

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