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Ethan Allen Heirloom Collection

Posted By r0n, 2/22/2005

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Seeking a number of items from the Ethan Allen Heirloom Collection in Nutmeg Maple finish. The Corner Desk No. 10-4530P. The Lingerie Chest No. 10-5354. The Tray Ottoman No. 10-7658-5. Thanks for any help inadvance...Ron Carwell (jane.carwell@gte.net)


From tomscruise, 10/21/2011  5:45 PM

linda, what circa 1776 pieces do you have? I am looking for 2 windsor armchairs or 2 windsor side chairs. tomscruise

From linda, 9/4/2011  6:57 PM

I have several Ethan Allen Heriloom Collection pieces in the Alabaster finish.

I also have Circa 1776 pieces.

From Jenny G, 6/13/2011  9:05 PM

I am in Ohio near Akron. Leave your contact info if interested.

From Jenny G, 6/13/2011  8:59 PM

I inherited 5 complete rooms of Ethan Allen heirloom maple collection in nutmeg finish. Dining table corner hutch tv cabinet kitchen table farmhouse chairs full bed 2 dressers coffee table secretary end tables etc $500 per all each room.

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From MIke Frey, 5/18/2011  10:39 AM

I have a 10-6163p dining table and six 10-6081 chairs. All are in excellent condition. Anyone iterested ??

From Julie Carrera, 5/2/2011  4:35 PM

Friend selling Heirloom Collection Bedroom Set. Excellent condition. Queen Bed, 9 drawer dresser, laungare (sp) cabinet, vanity and 2 night stands. All have the brass pulls. What price should I offer her????

From Pj, 4/16/2011  11:55 PM

Sorry for making a mistake, I checked my EA book and I am looking for the 4531 desk/table.

From Pj, 4/16/2011  11:50 PM

How much are you asking for your desk? Can you email me a few pictures?

From Natalie, 4/12/2011  7:39 AM

I have a CRP desk that I am wanting to sell. Item number 10-4533. Desk is 34" wide, 18.5" deep, and 30" high. This is one that I have not seen on Ebay or online anywhere. Any info would be helpful. Email is nataliejthom@aol.com.

From Betty, 4/3/2011  12:21 AM

Looking for a queen headboard in EA nutmeg maple.

From Brenda Henderson, 3/29/2011  6:03 PM

Email address is BreKH1@aol.com

From Brenda Henderson, 3/29/2011  6:00 PM

Have 2 Ethan Allen end tables from Heirloom collection crafted of maple, made @ plant 21 in Orleans, Vermont. From a line produced from the 50s to the 80s; my parents bought them in the late 60s. Not sure of finish name--no reddish hue in the color. Twenty inches tall; 27 " sq. w/2 front doors & storage area inside. Normal wear on tops, otherwise in good condition.(Stamped PLT #21;108635.)I'm in IN. Need to sell.

From Kristy, 3/23/2011  9:07 AM

I just purchased 3 base cabinets and am wondering if anyone could provide me some information. (I have looked on-line extensively, but cannot find these particular cabinets...)They appear to be from the Custom Room Plan

2 cabinets are 30"x30"x18 1/2" base cabinets with 2 shutter doors. There is only 1 drawer (not 2) and the top in laminate/formica. The color is yellow. (#14-4511P)

1 cabinet is a 24"x30"x18 1/2" matching cabinet. (14-4503P)

I am told it once had a hutch to sit on top.

There is some splitting of the sides at the bottom of all cabinets, and a portion of the wood on the side of the smaller cabinet has actually come off. I purchased these items for a DIY project. Since I cannot find any information about these cabinets (with 1 drawer and in this color) so am now wondering if I should use them for my DIY project since maybe someone would want them for a collection? Thank you for any information you might provide. srstones@verizon.net

From Barb, 3/20/2011  9:57 AM

email address is: barbpooley@yahoo.com. Thanks

From Barb, 3/20/2011  9:56 AM

I would really like to find the Ethan Allen Custom Room Plan Sewing center. It is 40" wide and has a pull out table for the sewing machine and a rack for spools of thread. I believe it is also part of the Heirloom collection.   I'm willing to pay top dollar and pay to have it shipped to me in Iowa. Thanks!

From ROBERT VAUGHN SR, 3/14/2011  2:37 PM


From Jill, 2/9/2011  10:55 PM

I have an EA by Baumritter Heirloom Maple Dresser/Desk....excellent condition. Email me at jillian.w@comcast.net if interested.

From Caroline, 2/3/2011  1:02 PM

Hi! I am looking for the Ethan Allen Heirloom secretary desk with the glass (grilled) upper cabinet. The item numbers are 10-9506 and 10-9507. Thanks! Carmildav@aol.com

From cathiwim, 1/30/2011  12:31 AM

Hi all. I am looking for the Custom Room Plan sewing center. I am in E. TN, but could travel a few hours to pick one up at a reasonable price. You can email cathiwim@hotmail.com. Thanks!

From Jay, 1/22/2011  3:15 PM

I have the following for sale (located in Naperville Illinois):

Ethan Allen Heirloom Nutmeg

Desk - 2 pedestals with lap drawer.
Tall Dresser
Large Dresser with Wide Mirror
Night Stand
Queen Size Headboard

Inside reads: "Ethan Allen
American Traditional
made of Birch and /or Maple"

Local Pickup in Naperville IL
I can deliver to Chicagoland area


From Fran Ehredt, 1/7/2011  5:57 PM

I have an EA Oak drop front desk. The upper hutch has doors of leaded glass. There is beautiful carving on the drop front, and upper molding. Can anyone help me with what collection or age it might be?

From missy, 1/3/2011  11:55 AM

Hi Tina,
Is the desk still available? Is it a corner desk? We are looking for the Maple Heirloom collection piece with a nutmeg finish. The furniture was purchased in the 70's. Do you have a picture? Please let us know. Thanks!

From Kristi, 11/10/2010  7:05 PM

I have: dining set 10-6044p with 2 extension leaves, 5 chairs 10-6102 and 1 end chair 10-6031 - all nutmeg.
also 2 end tables - 20-8442, 2 nesting tables 18-80150, desk 10-9522 and bedroom suit w king headboard 18-5624-6218, dresser w wall mirror 10-5302 and 2 nightstands 10-5306 (Tennessee)

From carol, 10/5/2010  4:51 PM

I have a maple finish secretary desk with bookcase, code 16-108, BF-644. I thought it was the nutmeg maple, but it may not be. It was purchased about 50 years ago. Does anyone know what collection it was from and what it"s current value might be?

From Karin, 9/15/2010  12:51 PM


My parents are selling the following pieces from the Heirloom nutmeg maple finish collection purchased in the 1960's:
drop leaf dining room table, two ladder back rush seat chairs, drop leaf coffee table, step shelf end table, round side table and tea cart. Tables have spoon feet on legs that are interchangable on smaller tables.

Any interest or infomation is appreciated.
Thank you.

From Beverly vogel, 9/11/2010  1:50 PM

Mary Ann

I see that you have a dry sink. Is it in good condition? I am interested in purchasing this piece. E-mail me your asking price.

Thank you

From kathy, 9/10/2010  8:04 PM

looking for the heirloom collection drop lid secretary in nutmeg finish i am in ny also interested in any other heirloom or crp for sale in ny/nj area thanks please emaoil me with pic if you want to sell....kskob1615@aol.com

From beverly vogel, 9/9/2010  12:21 PM

I am interested in finding a Ethan Allen dry sink.

What are you asking?

From Judy, 8/24/2010  12:45 PM

I have a Nutmeg dinning set from the Heirloom collection. The numbers are 10-6060 PLT#21. It has one captains chair and 5 chairs with two leaves. I also have a matching hutch. the Hutch is in excellent condition while the tables and chairs need to be refinished. I'm selling everything!Let me know if you are interestd! I live in the Frisco texas area, north of Dallas Tx. My e-mail address is judylyn@rocketmail.com. Thanks, Judy

From Jackie, 8/23/2010  11:40 PM

I am looking for heirloom living room end tables. I would like small narrow tables with drop leaves for beside my sofa. My e-mail addr is jmcdonnell328@comcast.net

From Tina, 8/3/2010  1:31 AM

I have an Ethan Allen Heirloom Nutmeg Maple CRP desk 10-4571P, bookcase 10-4076, and chair 10-6040. Can anyone tell me anything about these items? Is anyone interested in these pieces? tking63@cox.net. Thank you, Tina

From nan e, 6/12/2010  8:49 PM

I have 4 ethan allen bambo bird cage chairs made around 1956-8 all with arms. I am looking for this style chair without the arms. Are there any for sale out there?
Thanking you in advance eilersnl@comcast.net

From mimi, 6/10/2010  5:29 PM

Does anyone know what Ethan Allen Baumritter bunk bed BF 582-583 1613 looked like?

From Jackie, 5/24/2010  10:09 PM

I am helping my mother liquidate a TON of Ethan Allen furniture from her parents' past home. We have lots of living room tables, dining table/chairs and dressers on our hands. From what I've been able to find so far I think we're mostly dealing with the EA Heirloom collection. but I'm having a hard time tracking down an exact match on the color as well as all the right names. These pieces are all about 40 years old but are in beautiful condition (my grandmother took great care with her lovely furniture). Anyone that has help/advice on learning more about and/or selling these items please let me know. Thanks in advance! Email me at: jackiemmadill@yahoo.com

From Bernie, 4/16/2010  2:27 PM

I am looking for at least 2 Circa 1776 Birdcage Side Chairs. They are in the nutmeg finish.


From nance, 4/6/2010  2:31 PM

Does anyone know if ethan allen made a round or oval pedestal table in the nutmeg maple? I have 2 little hutches, one I would like to sell.

From Rick, 3/21/2010  5:14 PM

We are looking for 2 Ethan Allen Heirloom twin beds in the nutmeg finish. Do you still have these for sale? Where are you located. We are in the East TN area.

From Chad, 3/19/2010  12:13 AM

My email is chad.e.george@gmail.com.

From Chad, 3/19/2010  12:11 AM

I have the corner desk #10-4530P with the shelves that go on top. I also have the chair that goes with it. I am interested in selling. Is anyone interested?

From Steve Bochonok, 3/3/2010  2:43 PM

Correction: I need a queen size ethan Allen bed poster style with a pediment style head board. Nutmeg finish out of the heirloom collection. Will pay top buck. I have two twin size cannon ball nutmeg finish heirloom collection that I could swap or sell. They are like new. Contact Steve at bocho_engineer@yahoo.com.

From Steve Bochonok, 3/3/2010  2:35 PM

ethan allen queen bed, heirloom pediment style. I have two heirloom nutmeg finish twin size beds, cannon ball design to sell
e-mail: bocho_engineer@yahoo.com

From Frank, 2/26/2010  7:31 PM

What are you asking for the two 10-5306 night stands and what state are you located in

From Jana, 2/22/2010  7:43 PM

E mail address missyjsw@comcast.net

From Jana, 2/22/2010  7:41 PM

I have 2 Ethan allen Heirloom Nutmeg Maple Bed room sets, triple dressers, chest, mirror queen bed & double bednight stand 10-5306 all are in grea condition. It interested contact me via e mail

From Chris, 2/13/2010  9:44 AM

to: Jim Destafano In what finish and what condition is the Heirloom lingerie chest? What is the price you are asking and in what state is it located?

From Brenda Kramer, 2/3/2010  9:36 AM

I just posted a message, but forgot a couple of important items. I'm looking for the heirloom -nutmeg finish china cabinet. (approx. 38") My e-mail is brendakramer@ct.metrocast.net

From Brenda Kramer, 2/3/2010  9:32 AM

This is a fabulous sight. I am looking for the 38" (approx.) china hutch (base and top. I have the large one and would like to find the match. I live in Connecticut so would like to find one close by if possible.

From De'Dee, 1/28/2010  10:40 PM

I was wondering if you could tell me the name of 25-6403 it is a round dining table. Thank you for your trouble.

From Carl, 1/27/2010  11:43 AM

Hi donna,
Wouldit be possible for you to look up the two pieces that I listed on 1/7. I would like to sell them but don't know what they are worth. My email is casulin@verizon.net . Thanks in advance for any help.

From Linda, 1/27/2010  11:04 AM

I have a heirloom collection Ethan Allen corner desk, with left facing hutch in nutmeg maple. My parents bought this in the late 60's or very early 70's and it was very gently used.
The back of the hutch says 10-4019-plt-3. my son says it also says 56109#. I would like to sell it to someone who would appreciate it instead of at a garage sale!
Is anyone looking for these two pieces? I also have the spindle back chair that matches.
I am in a suburb of Kansas City.

From Lili, 1/26/2010  4:06 PM

Hi Donna~
I have an Ethan Allen Heirloom night stand in, what appears to be, a Nutmeg finish. (I wouldn't mind finding a new home for the full bed, dresser, and mirror, too!)

From Donna Loof, 1/24/2010  11:02 AM

I have several old Ethan Allen catalogs that I can look up items. I need a night stand in Nutmeg finish of the Heirloom maple finish.

From Katie Pcenicni, 1/11/2010  4:46 PM

What is the piece of furniture called by Ethan Ellen Baumritter Make in Vermont, that looks like a four drawer chest and the top drawer lets down and make a desk, It has a hutch that sits on top? The number on the back is 628 and it is Nutmeg Maple. Can you please tell me what year this was made and what it would be worth. Thanks, Katie

From Cindy Steininger, 1/11/2010  3:24 PM

I am looking for a twin bed: Ethan Allen Cannonball Bed, Item 18-5621 from Circa 1776 Collection made from 1981 thru 1995. Am not having any luck on ebay or craig's list.thank you, cindy

From cruicyViete, 1/10/2010  11:29 PM

I would like too take time too Thank everyone for doing what you do and making the community what it is im a long time reader and first time poster so i just wanted to say thanks.

From jim destefno, 1/7/2010  8:31 PM


From Carl, 1/7/2010  7:32 PM

In regards to my last post I forgot to list my e-mail.
Thanks Carl

From Benjamen, 1/7/2010  4:43 PM

PPS: they are heirlooms from my grandmother, so they are considered antique quality....let me know!!! Ben

From benjamen, 1/7/2010  4:40 PM

PS: the set consists of two dressers. Email me for more info and pics. Bbaron23@gmail.com

From benjamen, 1/7/2010  4:37 PM

I have an Ethan Allen dresser set with maple or chestnut finish (I think) that is 30x18. One of the dresser has a bookshelf attached to the top. If anyone is interested, I am in the nyc area and am looking to sell this set. They are in good condition. Let me know asap. Bbaron23@gmail.com thanks, ben

From Carl, 1/7/2010  3:07 PM

I have two Heriloom(?) bookcases and would like to knowthe name of the piece and value if possible. They are marked on the back 10-9026 Nutmeg-211 PLT3. There is another number 961011 off to the side. They are 30" wide,80"tall,and12"deep. There is a post running down the middle of the open shelves and 2 doors on the bottom. I can take pictures to help ID them if anyone can help.

From starling, 1/3/2010  2:57 PM

     I don't have a catalog for you but would like to know if you would like to sell the Ethan ALlen twin bunk beds. Let me know....THANKS

From Jennifer Luce, 12/15/2009  9:45 PM

I am looking for information on the value of two house full's of Ethan Allen Heirloom nutmeg finish furniture that both my mother & grandmother purchased new in the 1970's from Nerland's Home Furnishings in Alaska. My mother passed away unexpectedly a month ago and last week my grandmother also passed away. Does anyone had the Ethan Allen catalog with that collection in it for an idea of value (Since my brother is executor of both estates I'm not sure how much of the furniture I will be able to aquire, but would like to know the value if it has to be sold.). My mother's collection included a coffee table, 2 end tables, bookcase, footstool, set of twin bunk beds, dining room table with 6 comb back chairs & a two tiered end table/nightstand. My grandmother's collection included a secretary desk, china hutch with glass top cabinet, full bed headboard, magazine rack, two dressers, drop leaf oval dining room table with 5 matching combback chairs. I'm sure there are a few more items that I will discover, but these are what I can remember.


From Barbara, 11/9/2009  8:30 PM

I have a two-piece china cabinet (10-6038) manufactured in 1989. There are diamond-shaped metal panes in the glass. Does anyone know the collection? Heirloom? Circa 1776? Other? Thanks!

From Joe, 11/7/2009  3:54 PM

I am looking to sell a 1984 Ethan Allen Heirloom 5 piece bedroom suite. It is made of maple wood with a pecan finish. The pieces have only had two owners, myself and the origional owner. The pieces are in good condition, some still have the glass toppers. I have the headboard, 2 side tables, a full sized dresser w/ mirror, and a beautiful armoire. The pieces are in really good condition, there are only a few wear and tear areas and a few dresser handles that are off the pieces. Please make an offer, don't want to sell but need to. I live in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. Please e-mail me with any inquires.

From Laurie, 9/28/2009  2:24 AM

The table is #10-6173P, not #10-6172P....Sorry

From Laurie, 9/28/2009  2:13 AM

Does anyone know how find the year and value of Ethan Allen furniture? I have a dining table from the heirloom collection #10-6172P, and 4 chairs #10-6011.When I emailed Ethan Allen they could not give me a exact date, but said they made them between 1939-1993.So how tell how really old they are?I got the set about 9 months ago at a yard sale for $70.00.Please email me at freckles0644@cfl.rr.com,Thanks!!

From Susan Barbera, 9/19/2009  5:36 PM

Reply to Kathy S.
Did you sell all the EA furniture?

From sara, 9/7/2009  6:11 PM

i'm looking for one heirloom maple thumb back chair 10-6011. see treasury 86, page 164. please email- niftygraphics@mac.com

From Kathy S., 8/21/2009  11:28 PM

Hello, Ethan Allen Heirloom Maple afficionados! My mother passed away a few weeks ago, and she had (has) her whole home furnished with Heirloom Maple/Custon Room Plan pieces. We have a coffee table, triangular side table, 2 end tables, stereo cabinet, hutch base and top, dining table and chairs, 5 modular dresser pieces, a desk/vanity table, a king headboard, 2 twin headboards, and a nightstand. I would like to know what each piece is named, so I can list them for sale. Can anyone help me? Perhaps someone who has an old catalog. She purchased most of the pieces in the '60's and '70's, and they are all in perfect condition.

From Susan Rickson, 8/17/2009  2:18 PM

Looking for nutmeg maple desk and chair... I live in Western Massachusetts Thanks...

From juanita, 8/2/2009  10:25 PM

i have a 6 piece wall unit for sell it is a 1962 set have the papers on what it cost in 1962 .if you are interest get in touch.

From Jim Doherty, 7/26/2009  10:32 AM

I have a full heirloom bedroom set which includes
Night stand (one drawer)
twin headboard
6 piece wall unit: desk with open shelving above, and 2 paneled door bases with glass cabinets above.

We want to sell this as a set. It is in very good condition.

We are the original owners. Send me an email if you would like to see photos.

From Niles Wheeler, 6/11/2009  3:39 PM

I have a 6-drawer, 18" x 30"h x 48"w Heirloom CRP Nutmeg (color 211) solid maple dresser for sale.
Model # is 10-4570-PLT3. Located in Dallas, TX.
Must sell, moving to NC in 2 weeks.
My cell is 214-914-6050.

From CC Spiliotis, 6/7/2009  5:04 PM

I am looking for Ethan Allen white bedroom furniture (heirloom style).

From Peggy Harrington, 5/3/2009  12:04 AM

I have a 42", 4 drawer Ethan Allen dresser. Heirloom, nutmeg,with Baumritter, Vermont etched in top drawer. Need to sell. In excellent condition, small 3" crack on right back side.I live close to Seattle, Washington. Thanks, Peggy. pharrington45@yahoo.com

From Sheron, 11/28/2008  2:39 PM

I'm looking for a Custom Room Plan:
No. 10-4521P Four Drawer Apothecary Chest.
No. 10-4500P Corner Filler Unit
No. 10-4501P 24" Three drawer chest
No. 10-4503P 24" Two Door Cabinet
No. 10-4006 Upper Cabinet Bookcase

Please respond to sheronjones@austin.rr.com


From Christy, 11/26/2008  12:46 PM

I have an Ethan Allen hutch that I'm interested in selling. The gentleman in his 50's who gave it to me in 2000 said it was from his GrandMother...so I'm guessing it's old! I contacted Ethan Allen and they replied this: The 14-4026 was from our long retired Decorated Heirloom collection that was made at our Beecher Falls, Vermont plant #3 from 1940 until 1993 when it was discontinued. It was crafted of either maple or birch.

let me know if you are interested: stijenn@yahoo.com

From Michael J. Ruel, 11/21/2008  8:00 PM

I have an Ethan Allen Desk for sale which I believe is from the heirloom collection. I have sold nearly every other piece of my collection except a few. The desk measures 55" L x 28" D x 30" H. I would be happy to send you a few photos of the desk. I am going to post it on Craigslist soon. I am sailing around the world on my boat and these things are too large to accompany. If interested in the desk email or call me at 805-371-8485. Mike Ruel

From Molly Carbone, 10/8/2008  10:33 PM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen Heirloom chest of drawers. I'm not picky about which one, just want a true chest of drawers (chest high) in the nutmeg finish. In Chicago area, preferably, or lower Michigan.
Thanks. mkcarb@aol.com

From Cathie, 8/15/2008  2:55 PM

I just bought a beautiful wood Ethan Allen highchair at a thrift shop and on the back it says Ethan Allen Little People in gold. It is beautiful. Does anyone know what it is worth and what collection it is from? I know nothing about Ethan Allen but it is a lovely piece.

From jennifer, 4/13/2008  8:05 PM

I was at my local good will and came across an old vintage Ethan Allen high chair. Its in beautiful condition. It stenceled on the back "Ethan Allen....Little People". On the bottom of the seat its stamped Ethan Allen as well. The tray has numbers on it and it looks like 99-12-79. Can anyone please tell me what its worth or if they have ever heard of this peice. It cost me $30.00    Email address is.. Grlfriday24_24@yahoo.com......... Thanks!

From Sandee Lucas, 4/11/2008  10:08 PM

Reply to Lynn
I have a 4 drawer student desk and small captains chair to match. I thought the number was 10-4880 P but probably is 10-4550 p. There is a 211 below that and then 03-08-77. I also have a corner unit 3 drawer, a six drawer dresser 48x30x18 with a bookcase hutch that is 48x47x8.5 (6 shelves are reversable and adjustable). Also avaiable is a small 30x30x18,5 unit #10-4531. I am also interested in pricing these pieces if anyone can help! I am in the N/E MO area.Thanks! I must find good homes for these pieces. sandeek2@yahoo.com

From Lynn, 3/19/2008  2:04 PM

I am now looking for an Ethan Allen #10-9522 double pedestal desk in the Heirloom Collection

From D O, 3/18/2008  8:59 AM

I am looking for Ethan Allen Circa 1776 bedroom pieces in the Houston area.

From Lynn Molis, 3/16/2008  7:47 PM

I am looking for the 10-4550-P Student Desk in the Heirloom Maple collection. It measures 40 X 18.5 X 30" High. It has 4 drawers.

From barb, 3/10/2008  10:10 PM

Joy - do you still have the corner desk 10-4530P? If so, I am really interested. barbpooley@yahoo.com Thanks.

From Susan, 2/19/2008  6:29 PM

I am looking for an Ethan Allen corner desk. The unit had an optional hutch on top---doors with shelves inside. I believe it may be from the Country Colors collection. At any rate, it was discontinded a few years ago. Can anyone offer one?

From Joy, 1/29/2008  2:20 PM


I have the Corner Desk No. 10-4530P and am interested in selling. Are you still looking?

From caroline, 1/12/2008  5:18 PM

I am looking for the 30" nutmeg custom room plan corner desk.
Thank You

From Margaret, 11/18/2007  6:41 PM

Re message above. I can be reached at vanhook@q.com. Thanks.

From Margaret, 11/18/2007  6:38 PM

I need two upper units of Ethan Allen maple heirloom, nutmeg finish, custom room plan; the one I need most is 30", the other is 24". I would prefer upper units with shuttered doors or drawers, but could make do with an open bookcase unit. I live in Colorado, have been trying to finish this bedroom for several years. Thanks for your reply.

From Jocelyn, 10/8/2007  7:54 PM

Hi everyone, I live in San Diego,CA and have a student desk w/chair, 2 dressers with bookshelfs and china hutch ALL in the Nutmeg Ethan Allen Heirloom collection that I would be willing to get out of my condo really cheaply really fast! Email me for the details, I am talking 25 to 50 dollars a piece or if someone wanted everything I will do a nice package deal!

I can be reached at jretsch@gmail.com

From Kelly, 9/19/2007  9:46 AM

I have five pieces of the Ethan Allen Heirloom collection. I have two book cases, two small 1/4 round book cases and a pice that holds the tv. I live in Clemmons NC and trying to sell them.   The are in good condition. please let me know if anyone is intrested in buying them.

From patty, 9/9/2007  8:41 AM

Hey...anybody out there interested in a girls white ethan allen canopy bedroom set...includes a desk with stacking shelves, 2 dressers-one with stacking unit and a vanity...from about 1963...great condition...detroit area

From Marilyn, 9/8/2007  11:29 PM

Please see posting of 9/8/2007 at 11:25:20 reply from Chloe5@comcast.com ................this is actually from Chloe21197@aol.com (referenced word: Katrina)

From chloe5@comcast.com, 9/8/2007  11:25 PM

Lost all Ethan Allen Heirloom piece in Katrina. Living in a smaller house now, so don't need as much. Please e-mail what you do have and prices, in Nutmeg finish (10)
email: Chloe21197@aol.com Thanks!

From Susan, 9/7/2007  9:50 PM

Email for info


From Susan, 9/7/2007  9:47 PM

Peggy, I have two night stands.
Email me back
Thanks Susan from Indiana
Getting ready to unload my parent house full of Ethan Allen furniture.

From Peggy, 7/29/2007  9:13 PM

I am looking for at least one and preferably two Ethan Allen Heirloom nightstands, any style, in the nutmeg finish. At least I assume it is nutmeg. The numbers on the back start with 10.

From Gloria, 7/28/2007  11:46 AM

I need nutmeg maple stain to repair/refinish some of our Ethan Allen Heirloom furniture. (I used to be able to buy it at Ethan Allen stores, but that's not possible now, of course.) Does anyone know where I can buy it?

From Debra, 4/3/2007  5:39 PM

I am looking for two Ethan Allen dressers 30 inches in the Heirloom custom room plan collection in nutmeg. I purchased two others for my son's rooom at around $100 each. I live in Washington State if anyone is interested in selling.


From Katie, 4/2/2007  11:36 PM

I have two Ethan Allen three-drawer dressers that I believe are the "Ethan Allen Heirloom Collection, #10-4510P". I was just about to sell them, as I am moving, and realized they are valuable! Can anyone tell me how much they are worth and any advice on selling them? They are both in excellent condition, slight wear on the top of one, and the other is immaculate. Thanks! katiepfister@yahoo.com

From Gary, 3/29/2007  6:41 PM

I have the Corner Desk, the corner Hutch for the desk, 1 matching 2 foot wide floor cabinet with 3 drawers, 1 matching 2 foot wide floor cabinet with 1 drawer on top and 2 doors below, and one 2 foot wide hutch that sits on either floor cabinet. Also have the matching chair. Willing to consider selling for a reasonable price. All are in good condition.

From Cathie Bergan, 2/19/2007  10:28 AM

Looking for two (2) Ladderback Arm Chairs
No. 10-6062A in the Heirloom Collection.
These are for my mother, she has two (2) side chairs, but since injuring her back needs the arm chairs. Thanks

From LUCY, 12/18/2006  4:42 PM


From Chuck, 12/10/2006  3:38 PM

Looking for the Heirloom 10-9044 sofa table. Anyone have one or know where I could track one down?

From Sam, 10/12/2006  3:08 PM

On the previous post regarding a Country Colors bookcase, 100149446, finish 214, I should have included my e-mail address. Sorry 'bout that.

Reply to hogensa@earlham.edu


From Sam, 10/9/2006  11:41 AM

Wanting to locate a Country Colors bookcase for a friend in Richmond VA area.

code on back is 100149446 finish is 214

50 1/2 " high.

Thanks in advance.


From Julie, 9/19/2006  11:18 AM

Does anyone know if I can get the "paint mixture" for the Ethan Allen Home Interiors Heirloom Maple Alabaster White collection?

I have a complete kids bedroom set in it and plan to use it for my little girls room. However, I like to have a crib painted to match for her nursery.

Thanks in advance. jlmcnew@aol.com

From jim, 9/17/2006  4:39 PM


Is anyone looking for a small desk and bird cage chair from the heirloom collection, both in excellent condt.


From Jody, 9/7/2006  2:53 PM

I have an Ethan Allen Heirloom Nutmeg 10-drawer dresser available (10-5013). Please contact me if you are interested. I'm located in North Dakota. jody_smith@excite.com.

From Greg L, 8/27/2006  7:30 PM

Recently moved a dear aunt to a nursing home and have an Ethan Allen buffet 10-6126 and china top 10-6128. Some family members are interested but we know nothing of value. Can anyone help. All is in very good shape.

From Mary M, 5/29/2006  6:42 AM

I am looking for the Ethan Allen Heirloom custom room plan's 24" louvered door cabinet and upper bookcase to finish a wall plan. I have found lots of 30" and 40" pieces, but not the 24". If you have it to sell, I'd be very interested. I live in the San Francisco area. Thanks!

From Caroline, 5/7/2006  6:32 PM

I have the corner dresser with the bookshelf in the Ethan Allen Hierloom custom room plan. The dresser is # 10-4532-211 and the bookshelf is 10-4037-211. Please let me know if you are interested at cjhottmann@hotmail.com.

From Mary Ann, 4/10/2006  11:56 PM

have the following ET Heirloom pieces:

10-6163-211 Rectangular Spft Extention Table
10-6126-211 50" Buffet
10-6128-211 50" China Top
10-6062-211 Ladderback Side Chair (qty 6)
10-6106-211 Dry Sink
10-3802 18" Gallery Shelf
10-3803 24" Gallery Shelf
10-4019-211 Upper bookcase
10-4511P-211 Shutter Door Cabinet
14-6301-604 Farm House Chair (qty 2)
10-8015-211 Round Lamp Table
10-8014-211 Butterfly Drop Leaf End Table
Several pieces of the custom room plan

From DAVID, 1/25/2006  12:38 PM

I recently found a set of Ethan Allen Heirloom twin beds in the nutmeg finish that I am going to set up for my grandson's (6 and 8). I need some additional pieces to finish out their room. I would like a night stand and a small dresser/chest. I also would like something to put a TV on. David dlp96@hotmail.com

From Jane, 10/17/2005  3:24 PM

Hi Ron, Because of downsizing, I am going to have to sell my Ethan Allen Heirloom bedroom furniture. I have a double bed, 2 night tables, a double dresser, mirror, and an arm chair. I also have a different email address from the last one you wrote to me with. Thanks Jane. janejb@mchsi.com

From Pamela, 9/28/2005  4:16 PM

I have the Corner Desk No. 10-4530P that I am selling. I plan on listing this on Ebay along with the dining room hutch 10-4056. Please contact me ASAP if you are interested. I would prefer to sell both pieces together but will consider all offers. I am located in Connecticut. I have photos of both items online and will gladly give the info through email. Thanks! ctymom (AT) cox dot net. ctymom@cox.net

From Dan Lopez, 9/28/2005  10:11 AM

www.EthanAllenOwners.com is a new website dedicated to used Ethan Allen furniture. You can post your wanted pieces and your preowened items for sale there. It has Classifieds,News, and Repair for Ethan Allen Owners only.

From Joan, 7/21/2005  12:34 AM

Looking to buy Ethan Allen Heirloom alabaster (white) hutch (40 inch) for daughters room. Please email me starling99@wydebeam.com

From anthony, 7/16/2005  10:12 PM

What is the value of the Ethan Allen corner desk 10-4591, maple in perfect condition? anthony.jobe@leasingtobuy.com

From Becky, 7/15/2005  3:14 PM

I am also searching for pieces with the nutmeg or maple finish circa 1972 to complete a bedroom. I'm particulary looking for night tables, large, tall, dressers, and perhaps a headboard. I will consider buying any piece in mint or excellent condition.ÊÊÊrmin386215@aol.com

From Laura, 5/15/2005  8:17 PM

I am looking for the the white custom room plan hutches to go above the white 30" dressers I have. Doe anyone out ere kow where I can find 2 of ese, wither with doors or without? parkl@theriver.com

From Peggy, 5/14/2005  10:02 PM

I am still hoping to find maple nutmeg finish custom room corner desk 10- 4530P or chest 34" x 34" 10 -4532P (or 34" x 48" desk 10-4591P) with book shelf top and 30" cabinet and top. I live in Central Florida area. Please contact me. Peggy. awilst@atlantic.com

From Robert, 5/11/2005  11:00 AM

We are looking for the 40 inch book shelf top in the nutmeg/maple finishof the Heirloom collection. We are in the Chicago area. Email me if you have one or know of one for sale. Thanks, Robert (bettels@earthlink.net)

From Doreen, 4/25/2005  10:57 PM

Hi Ron, I would really appreciate it if you would email if you find one such chest. They are hard to come by. I have found a few pieces, one the 30 in chest with louver doors and a bookcase top, a square pedestal table, an end and candle table in antique shops around RI. With the exception of my dining room, everything is heirloom. Thanks again. DoreenÊÊÊdorboba@gte.net

From Ron, 4/25/2005  9:26 AM

Hi Doreen: I agree with you, Ethan Allen should not have discontinued the Heirloom Collection in the Nutmeg Maple finish. I also have a number of Heirloom items in my home (dinning room, living room, bedroom, and rec room) including two of the items you mentioned.   If I come across the chests, I will email you. Thanks for the email..........Ron

From Doreen, 4/24/2005  10:44 PM

I know that is true about this line as you say. Just thinking out loud. Actually I am just looking for the piece I mentioned. I have plenty of heirloom but need that one item.
Doreen   dorboba@gte.net

From Guest, 4/24/2005  1:25 AM

Doreen- They discontinued this line almost 20 years ago. If they were still selling this line as a mainstay they wouldn't be around to sell it.

From Doreen, 4/23/2005  10:38 PM

Am looking for a piece of the Ethan Allen Heirloom Collection, #10-4510P, a three drawer chest, part of the custom room planning, 30 X 30 X 18 with a formica top.
Most of my home is furnished with Ethan Allen and need the above piece to complete a wall plan. Any help would sure be appreciated. I still do not know why they ever discontinued this popular finish. It is listed sometime on ebay and goes for good prices. I wonder if Ethan Allen keeps tabs on their discontinued furniture. Maybe we should let them know. Thanks for any help. Doreen @dorboba@gte.net

From Judy, 3/24/2005  11:15 PM

Thanks Ron, I will do that as soon as I can. I recently had surgery so I can't move the pieces around right now to get the numbers so if you don't hear from me for a couple weeks, that's why. I appreciate your help! :o) Judy BTW - the numbers I emailed Ethan Allen do not start with 10, they all start with 14. My previous post has one of the numbers that was on the back of the larger dresser that I emailed to E-A.

From Ron Carwell, 3/24/2005  7:10 PM

Hi Judy: Sorry, I do not know the current values of the items you mentioned. I do have an Ethan Allen Treasury Catalog printed in 1979 (80th Edition) and the 86th Edition printed a few years later. If you could send pictures of the items, I could look them up for you. I think each item should have a number on the back starting with the number 10 (nutmeg maple finish) and the other numbers itentify the actual piece of furniture. I would be interested in purchasing the corner desk and bookcase if you would like to sell it. The other pieces I would have to know the numbers inorder to make a decision. Hope this information helps..............Ron Carwell

From Judy, 3/24/2005  5:29 PM

I'm not sure if this is the same collection that is referenced on this message board or not since it is more vintage but here it goes... I have several pieces of Ethan Allen Heirloom Collection Girls bedroom furniture that I would like to sell. I emailed Ethan Allen with a few numbers to identify the set. They emailed back and said it was from their Heirloom Collection introduced 1940 and discontinued in 1993. One of the dressers (14-4551P) they could confirm was mfg in 1958. I have 10 total pieces: 3 dressers (one is longer than the other two), glass front case (fits on one of the smaller dressers, corner desk, corner desk bookcase/hutch, vanity with flip top mirror, hitchcock chair, corner shelf (same height as dressers), and one nightstand. I have a 2nd nightstand that is very close to the collection, but Ethan Allen said it was from the Country Craftsman collection. The entire set is beautiful and wraps around 2 walls of a room with the corner desk in the middle. I sort of inherited this years ago so I have no idea of the value. I would like to sell it so I can get re-do my daughters room. Any ideas on what the value is or what to sell it for? By the set or by the piece? I'm in Central Florida (near Orlando). I am happy to email anyone photo's. Jmalkow@bellsouth.net

From Martha, 3/4/2005  7:56 PM

Looking to complete my room.. In the NY/ LI area... Pleae let me know if you are willing to part with it or any other furniture in the Heirloom collection. ETHAN ALLEN DRESSER ,HEIRLOOM MAPLE COLLECTION, ETHAN ALLEN HEIRLOOM MAPLE COLLECTION DRESSER WITH NUTMEG FINISH. SIZE= 18 1/2" DEEP X 30 "WIDE X 30" TALL, Thanks! mjberry@optonline.net

From Jane, 2/26/2005  2:15 PM

Hi Ron, Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, you are exactly correct. I am looking for the lingerie chest in the Nutmeg Maple. I am located in central Iowa. However, things change, health changes things, and I may even be selling the bedroom set I spoke of, depending on medical reports. Thanks so very much, and you may email me at: janejb50@comcast.net. Good luck on your search in finding what you are needing too. Jane

From Ron Carwell, 2/23/2005  7:56 AM

Hi Jane: I can see you have good taste in selecting the Ethan Allen Hairloom Collection. Are you seeking the lingerie chest in the Nutmeg Maple finish? I will email you if I locate one. I am located in Virginia. Where are you located for shipping? Thanks for your reply....Ron jane.carwell@gte.net

From Jane, 2/22/2005  6:49 PM

Hi Ron, I have the Heirloom bedroom set in Ethan Allen I have the full bed, dresser, mirror, chest of drawers and 2 night tables. I, too, have been, and still am, looking for the lingerie chest. If you find more than one, please email me at: janejb50@comcast.net Thanks a lot, Jane

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