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Where is Victoriaville Furniture Manuf?

Posted By Dale, 3/5/2008

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Hello. We have inherited a bedroom suite from my M/inlaw and would like to know more about it. It seems Art Deco and the build stamp on the inside of a chest of drawers says the manufacturer is "Victoriaville Furniture Manufacturing" (Quebec).

Is there a site I can go to that will outline the area's furniture-making companies from the 1940's~50's?

I have some photos of the item if that helps in determining the style and vintage.

Thanks, Dale


From tink, 10/20/2012  2:27 AM

WOW. Ive just bought a dining room cabinet and have been trying to find out about this brand. Im in Australia and Id never heard of it, then I find out its Canadian. Nearly real French :)! lol  I would be grateful if I could find out more!

From marina, 5/7/2012  12:47 PM

Re Chris, 5/31/2011  -  

I have the Viscol Victoriaville small dining table with chairs, hutch and buffet, with man and woman toiling in the field inlaid in the doors.  When I purchased it in the 70s in Quebec, a real estate agent and a mover both wanted to buy it.  Think I'm about ready to sell as down-sizing, although still like the design.

From Sbondy20, 1/7/2012  11:11 AM

I am new to this site. I was just wondering if you were able to find information on Viscol furniture? I recently purchased a dresser and mirror. The dresser has very unique handles..the shape of a check mark. Judging by the tag, it may be from 1958. I am in the process of refinishing it...very solid and looks great. I know very little about types of wood and was wondering if anyone knows what type of wood they typically used in their furniture at that time.

From Dale, 8/3/2011  4:53 PM

I love this thread! I have a 9 drawer dresser with matching mirror that my parents picked up over 15 years ago. The finish was in bad shape so they refinished it completely, and 15 years later it is still beautiful. It has three small drawers down the middle with knobs, and 3 drawers on each side that pull out from the bottom. I think it is 1960s. I am in the hateful process of trying to sell this lovely set because I am moving. If anyone in Ottawa is interested in owning this pair, I'd love to know!

From chris, 5/31/2011  2:16 PM

We bought a viscol victoriaville specialties co. ltd. corner cabinet, old quebec style repro with carved man and woman in field on the bottom doors. We bought it in 1974 in a furniture store in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec for about $250.00. It came with large and small china cabinets, tables and chairs which could all be bought separately. We were living in a small apt. so only bought the corner cabinet, which we still own. A nice piece of furniture.

From p, 4/18/2011  7:40 AM

Purchased a dresser 9/24/1969 paper label on back. Oak finish, The frame is classic, dare I say contemporary, 6 of the drawer faces have classic frame moldings, and the 3 center drawers have decorative applied pieces. Similarly there is a small amount of water damage causing the grain to be raised on a front top corner. And again similarly I will be painting the dresser. Appears to be wonderful quality, very solidly built. Purchased in a "Habitat for Humanity" store for $15.00.

From Marylyn, 11/19/2010  3:26 PM

When I saw this blog, I knew I had to become a part of it. I have a very unique vanity with a large sculptured bevelled mirror and vanity stool. They all say they came from the Victoriaville Furniture store in Victoriaville PQ. I've owned this vanity and stool for many years (since I was a girl). It is very unique. I also have a side board and china cabinet with solid door that say they are from the same place. Does anyone know the history of this furniture store? When were they in business (period)? When did they go out of business? Who was the owner, etc.

From dj_cityboy, 11/6/2010  3:59 PM

Hmmmmm this really must be a club...lol, i just obtained a piece of furniture by Viscol as well, it was on the side of the road, it has 3 drawers in the front and doors on the side with 2 mirrors, i have been trying to find some info about this company as well. the back of my piece has a sticker on it with these markings..

Date: 12/2/71
Mobilier: 268
Meuble: TDR66
Ordre No:338

the three drawers have "Viscol Victoriaville Specialties" burned in them as well, any info would be great!

From catherine mitchell, 10/2/2010  5:12 PM

hi, i just bought a vintage dresser not very large 4 drawer, beige (gold dominance to the finish) the drawers all have their handles and the legs front and back are different.
1367-chest 32 11866 are the numbers on the back. the name in the top drawer is from this company do you know anything you can tell me i would appreciate it very much. catherine and brad

From Charlene, 9/28/2010  11:24 AM

Hi I have a Buffet and Hutch tag says it was built July 8 1974,5065d/buf/man/816 vio art victoriaville furnature limited.I would like more info on this item.Can anyone help.I would like to sell it.

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