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Walter of Wabash dining set

Posted By Jennifer, 7/21/2007

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Hello, I am new to this board and I have recently purchased a dining set that consists of six ladderback chairs, with rush seats and a dining table with slender legs. It is stamped Walter of Wabash underneath the table and there is also a label stamped that I can only make out part of. It says something about Mastercraft, has a set of lot numbers and that's it. Can anyone help me identify the age and origin of this piece? Thanks for your help. Jennifer


From Msbobbie, 9/13/2011  1:19 AM

I am new to this so everyone bare with me.  I have a lovely soft maplewood table with (2) leafs,  along with these gorgeous multi-colored needlepoint dining chairs and a Captain's Chair.  When we turned the table over it was stamped Walter of Wabash and we could not find any other information.  With my current research most of the responses have stated that the leaf inserts are made by him.  At this point I am very confused and just need some advice on if there are other furniture makers responsible for making this dining set and who they are.  The couple that sold if to my farther over 20 years ago said it was made in the 1940 - 1950's. Please help!

From Jennifer, 8/5/2011  12:42 PM


From Jennifer, 7/13/2011  3:37 PM

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From M Jones, 6/15/2011  5:07 PM

I have a 52" round (w/o leafs)maple table with walter wabash on the slider. It was probably purchased in early 1960's. It is in great condition. How much do you think I can sell for? It has two leafs that make it 52X76.

From john, 5/9/2011  10:57 AM

we have a witco table and chair set with walter of wabash sliders.the set looks like some thing from king arthurs court,or a viking ship.anyone ever heard of such ?

From Guest, 3/12/2011  7:25 AM

I've been on here since 2 months ago but i just wanted to say hello to everyone on here and say that i love this site.

From Margaret, 2/15/2011  2:23 PM

Since Walter of Wabash make ONLY the slides as stated on this board, I am writing to you to see if you can give me information on how to get a replacement slide for my oak dining room table. It measures 24" in the closed position and is for a one leaf table.

From Marie Gressel, 2/4/2011  5:57 PM

I own a Walter of walbush Chairs & Table.
One of the chairs casters is broken & I can't pull it out for replacement. Please advice. I live in Michigan
Bought I believe in Fraser MI years ago.
Please Help

Marie Gressel

From cindy, 2/1/2011  11:13 AM

I purchased a creme colored table with a pedestal base with a gold trim on the bottom and 6 creme colored chairs with vinyl cushioned bottoms and backs. It is stamped walter of wabash on the slides. I think it has a formica top. the chairs are metal and very heavy. I need to replace the vinyl seat cushions. Any info on where to find this table and chairs would help.

From Sally, 1/28/2011  2:06 PM

Did anyone read the reply above?

RE: Your question... Walter of Wabash makes ONLY the wooden slides NOT the table. He normally sells his slide systems to the Amish who build table / chairs and furniture normally out of oak,cherry etc... The slides are built & sold and used in the manufacture of these tables with extensions etc.. Hope this helps..

From graber post bldgs, 1/13/2011  8:02 AM

We are looking for something to hinge folding bench legs with. What we have has your company name stamped on it. It has 2 screw mount on each end,with a spring between too u-shaped metal arms. can you please e-mail us the part # and a picture, please thanks, ED

From Darrell, 10/17/2010  9:48 AM

Where may i find a walter of wabash slider for a dinette set ? number on slider says ( walter of wabash made in tenn #501) is stamped on it Hope you can help me. Thank You. Darrell

From john, 10/14/2010  1:19 PM

Just bought table and 6 chairs at goodwill and one of slides was broken need replacement. Walter of wabash jamestown Tenn. anyone help thanks

From carol, 7/11/2010  11:08 PM

Hi, I just came across a octagon table with 4 high back chaiS. stamped on bottom water of walbash indiana, DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY INFO ON THIS TYPE FURNITURE, THANKS CAROL PLEASE LET ME KNOW CARELUD492@COMCAST.NET

From Tim Whorton, 5/24/2010  11:29 AM

Looking for spindel for walter of wabash chair any suggestion on where to find parts

From Marty, 12/20/2009  5:15 PM

Your dining room sets could be made by a company called Honderich.

From Rosemary, 11/12/2009  10:42 PM

We just bought a second hand buffet and hutch with a large table and 6 chairs.2 of which are captains chairs Underneath it was stamped
"slides by Walter Wabash, Jamestown Tenn. This set was purchased in 3-30-1987. It is a heavy oak wood.

From Kellie Wilson, 9/7/2009  12:56 PM

Hello there, I have a Walter Wabash pedastal dinning table and 4 captain chairs, from my great grandmother. I'm just intrested to see if there is any vaule to this.

Thank you


From Lucy, 4/18/2009  3:02 PM

Hi My question is we were given a dinning room table with side board. The table came with 6 chairs. Under the table I found the name Walter & company Wabash Indiana #95.GFT. is stamped on the table. I would like to know when this table was made and the value it would be worth now.
Thank you

From Sharren, 4/5/2009  7:52 PM

Hi Jennifer!
Did you ever find out more on your Wabash dining set. I was just trying to find info on it myself. My boyfriend has his parents dining set and it sounds very much like the one you describe. The table has slender legs and we only have four low back chairs. We just finished sanding it down and restaining it.
He says his parents bought it in 1964. I can't seem to find anything on furniture with Walter of Wabash. Was just curious if you know more about it.

Sharren LeBlanc

From paul clapper, 7/28/2007  11:30 AM

RE: Your question... Walter of Wabash makes ONLY the wooden slides NOT the table. He normally sells his slide systems to the Amish who build table / chairs and furniture normally out of oak,cherry etc... The slides are built & sold and used in the manufacture of these tables with extensions etc.. Hope this helps..

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